Thursday, December 13, 2007


First bath.. Nov 2nd

First Charleston visit.. Nov. 17th

First smile at mommy.. Nov. 18th

First library visit... Nov. 4th

First Pampered Chef party.. Dec. 6th am

First Hanukkah celebration.. Dec. 6th pm

First dentist appointment... Dec. 13th

The time of our lives...

If one were to ask L., "What do you love to do?" one would most likely get the response of "....." because he can't talk yet. BUT if you asked his mommy what he like best to do she would describe his play time. Looks a lot like the above picture. He lays on the changing table pad kicking his legs and moveing his arms, staring intently at the strategically placed interesting toys dangling from above and listening to his wind up tigger or wind up train playing a lullaby. The ball you see in the photo is a great find from Babies'r'us; a ball for all ages as little ones, like Levi, can fit their little fingers around it. It's in perfect swat and grab range. Currently the favorite toy that is dangling from above is a funny looking horse/mule like creature: big googgly head, two floppy neon green ears, and four limp legs of black and white check fabric. When you pull a string attached to his body he makes a rattling noise as it retracts back up. Needless to say it's the star of the show. L. usually spends about 15-25 mins max playing in this way. I just remember to keep the 'Winnie the pooh' song playing as I am afforded a few minutes to fold laundry nearby.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Long Pause...

So sorry to my faithful viewers, I have not updated you on our lives as we have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks. Seems like we are almost at the end of the initial rush of family. But as a surprise blessing, my mom was able to come stay with us for 5 days. We've enjoyed being together.. she's been a busy helping around the house and playing with L.

This past Saturday mom and I went to Covenant Birth Center where we toured the facility and then helped hang a bunch of pictures. The birth center is amazing, if you're local you should make an appointment for a tour. It's going to revolutionize birth in the Midlands. I'm so honored to be a part!

Unfortunately S. and I seem to have come down with a cold. We have sore throats and are very tired. BUT we are excited Aunt C. is arriving tomorrow afternoon and will be visiting us until next Tuesday. We're going to pack in as much fun baby L. time in as possible.

On a very exciting note, Steve will be graduating Paramedic school on Dec. 12th. He has yet to take the National Exam but has passed the class with flying colors! I'm so very proud of him. This year has been crazy but amazing. So, for this afternoon our plan is to be lazy... I think L. has a head start on that!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Harvest Family Visit

My hubby's entire family came for a visit this Harvest. We were so excite to all be together as it has been a long time since we were able to connect.

Here Grandma and Grandpa greet L. for the first time!

Here Daddy is opening his birthday present from his sister et al, a WONDERFUL handcrafted baby bag filled to the brim with goodies for little L.

Cousin J. especially loved L. He would often point at him and say 'bebe?' or more certainly 'bebe!' He's such a little boy!

We tried to keep the kids entertained by spending time outside each day. Here Uncle S. and Cousin C are enjoying the Harbison State Forest outing. Fresh air is great!

What a special time together! We are sad that we are not able to see our family more often. It's always a hoot when we get together. The Harvest Meal was WONDERFUL, kudos to C. and D. for the turkey and fixins!

Lastly, The little man himself... though he didn't enjoy the food, didn't partake in the conversation or laugh at any jokes he was there and the life of the party.
One more 'First' to add to the list.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pictures from the weekend...

Cuddling with Mama in the hotel...

Cuddling with mama at the Battery in Charleston...

Cuddling with Aunt M. in the coffeehouse...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Favorite Things

Although raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens rank rather high on my list of favorite things, there are currently a few other things that top the roses and kittens.

1. L. sleeping peacefully on top of me. This sounds odd to anyone who doesn't have a child. But as I am typing this precious little angel is balled up in the cutest way on my chest. I can feel and hear him breathing, kiss his forehead, and gaze at his face all I want in this position. It's heaven on earth.

2. When L. sleeps he must be dreaming of his Mama and Papa because sweet little smiles flitter across his face leaving both of his parents in awe. We also are anticipating the day when he looks us in the eye and smiles. As of right now he has a look that says, "Yeah, I see you but MAN that shadow over there on the wall is captivating."

3. I love that I make him happy. I provide comfort, warmth, security, protection, fulfillment of his needs, food and playtime... all the good things in life. To say it in one word- I am his Mama!

4. I love the moment after a long day at home alone, my husband relieves me so that I can take a shower. Again, you pre-child women out there won't fully understand but days... we're talking days without a shower... sigh. Then to pass a crying (or maybe contented) child off to S., saunter to the bathroom and shut the door. I'm describing moments of joy and freedom. But about halfway through the shower ritual, my ears are peaked and I'm straining to hear if my little man is in need of me.

5. Knowing my husband is madly in love with our son. This brings me such joy. He's such a great dad and each day we are growing and learning more of what it means to parent.

6. And as of this morning, Starbucks Peppermint Mocha :-)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not too shabby...

This weekend is a first for L.... We will be going with Daddy to Charleston for his Reserve weekend. We're staying at the Wingate... not too shabby for a first vacation. We shall see how he does. His luggage is not very extensive.. lots of changes of clothes, lots of disposable diapers (I doubt there is a laundry service available for the cloth diapers), his 'inclined to sleep bed', and the all important baby wrap carrier. I think it will be a great success. I hope that he doesn't see fit to be unhappy on the 2 hour drive down or at night for the sake of our sanity and for the neighboring guests at the hotel. He's been a happy baby lately. I'm hoping to go visit my sister, Sunday morning. It will be great to see her. There may be some other weekend highlites that are unforeseen... perhaps a coffee break? or perhaps a stroll around the battery? Who knows?? We will have fun though and report back here to fill you in. And hopefully we'll have some pictures to share.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Favorite Childrens songs: The Hunt is on...

My son is 4 weeks old. I'm obviously enjoying every moment we share together, cuddling, nursing, crying and observing the big world together. I find that each day he seems slightly different than the day before. He seems to track with his eyes more and his awake hours in general are quite fun. Although running in a close second place are the silly little chuckles and big goofy grins he displays while contentedly snoozing. I find that I don't want to put him down and I feel compelled to begin teaching him in the most simplistic way,singing, talking and exploring the baby in the mirror together. I don't want to miss a beat. I know, I know.. it sounds like I have the first time mom anxiety of doing it wrong.. but really I just want to be a good mother. I totally get that it's a trial and error thing. I love my son and want to be the best mom I possibly can.

So, Steve and I have wracked our brains trying to think of songs to sing and sadly we're quite understudied in this department. I mean we remember titles or first lines but then look quizically at each other as we hum the next bar and fade out. "Hush little baby don't say a word mama's gonna.. hum hum hu-humm mmm mmm..." It's definitly a sad state. To remedy this, Steve sent me on a mission to find baby song lyrics online. There is a wonderful site called The Teachers Guide that I think will become a good friend of mine. There are many songs with lyrics to choose from. To my glee, I ran across one of my favorite grade school songs of all times.
"Sing it if you know it..."

Apples and Bananas

I like to eat, eat, eat, eat apples and bananas

I like to eat, eat, eat, eat apples and bananas

I like to ate, ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays

I like to ate, ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays

I like to eat, eat, eat, eat ee-ples and bee-nee-nees

I like to eat, eat, eat, eat ee-ples and bee-nee-nees

I like to ite, ite, ite, ite i-ples and by-ny-nys

I like to ite, ite, ite, ite i-ples and by-ny-nys

I like to ote, ote, ote, ote oh-ples and bo-no-nos

I like to ote, ote, ote, ote oh-ples and bo-no-nos

I like to oot, oot, oot, oot oo-ples and boo-noo-noos
I like to oot, oot, oot, oot oo-ples and boo-noo-noos

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Exclusive Insider Look

For Granna:

Sleep... Eat... Poop...

It is such the life... Needs are all met, sleep all day long, hot meals prepared upon demand. Well, I guess even though these things are precipitated by crying and screaming it can't be too bad. Now that I'm analyizing it.. I really do value the ability to use the toilet. Sigh.

Oh well! On to more fun, exciting things. More pictures of course!
This is what I call the "getting dressed" series:

And the Final Result?
Cute, no?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

General Update on Life!

Life is generally good!

We've been blessed since L. arrived to have family visiting and helping around the house! First my mom was here, then my sister Michelle and her hubby Bobby were up from Charleston for a night. My dad and Tara arrived Wednesday night and also my sister Christy was up from Atlanta for a night. We're sad that they'll be leaving Monday morning.

L. is doing great. He met his Great Grandmother Beulah and Great Uncle Jim last Thursday. It was a treat to have them down for a little while.

He is stretching and trying to hold his head up. He's gaining weight like a champ- eating often and well. S. weighed him a few days ago and he was already up to 10 lbs. We all cheered when his cord fell off last week. And we gave him his first 'real' bath Saturday.

His sleeping pattern is starting to become evident: he sleeps 3 hour stretches at night and usually takes a long nap in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon. Unfortunately for him the Baby Acne has begun. And although he'll hate me for it later...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Bris Milah: Day 8

October 26th, 2007 we celebrated our sons non-traditional Bris Milah. Translated: Covenant of Circumcision.

Some may wonder why we would celebrate this Jewish ceremony being devout Christian believers. I would love to share our convictions with you to the fullest extent but I think for Blogspot I'll give the nutshell version. We feel that although this (and other) Jewish traditions/commandments/laws are not commonly practiced in the Christian church, God is still honored by our keeping of them. There is no saving power other than Christs' Blood sacrifice that covers sin, and we don't believe that these actions merit a place in heaven on their own but instead show a humble and obedient heart to the Lord. This thought is often met with scorn from Christians, with the rebuttal that we are released from the law and there is no need or requirement to keep the Jewish Law. For our family though, we don't look at it this way. After Christ, who was Jewish, came saving all ethnic groups it became a universal God thing, not a Jewish thing.

So, for us, we celebrate our son, giving him back to the Lord with the shedding of blood via circumcision- honoring the commandment God gave His people. This shedding of blood entered Abraham into covenant with God looking forward to Messiah's shed blood as salvation for all.

On to the ceremony:
Dr. Kulbersh a local Ob/Gyn, by recommendation from Beth Shalom Synagogue, agreed to perform the circ. We met in his office. Jacob, Bethany and Lucy attended, as well as my mother and my hubby and of course the star of the show, Levi. Jacob read some scriptures. Steve served communion. Then L. was circumcised. S. gave the reason behind his name, (L. W.) and Dr. Kulbersh spoke a blessing over L.

It was a difficult thing to watch as a mother, but it was quick and L. did beautifully. God doesn't call us to a life of ease, but rather to pick up our cross and follow Him. There are sacrifices of the flesh that we all must make, for me it was my desire to protect my son, and for L. it was a literal sacrifice of a bit of flesh. Our prayer is that Levi grows into a strong man of God, and as his name reflects that 'God will be his portion'.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Five days old and loving life!

My son...... The most beautiful baby boy in the universe. We are simply loving our time with him day and night. We're over the humps most ladies face in breastfeeding and now we're just enjoying each moment as it comes. Currently L. is dosing on my chest as I recline on the sofa... suppressing sleep so as to update this blog.

There are no words to describe being a mother. And it is very true you don't understand a mother's love until you are one. It's the weight of the world in love. I would give anything for this little guy. And I appreciate my own mother and all that she has done for me through the years.

Last night as we watched him sleep I asked L. to say 5 days old forever.. to which my husband frowned and said he wanted him to grow up so he could do all the father-son things. Playing catch, learning about outdoors, camping, bugs. S. is such an awesome man. He's so present in our lives. He isn't off somewhere mentally- spaced out on what really matters. And until L. grows bigger Papa will have to be patient and love him like he is below.

L. is priority Number 1! And how could he not be with a face like an angel...

We are thrilled that he is here and he is entrusted to our care. May God find us to be faithful stewards of His precious little creation.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Announcing L.
Born October 17th, 2007 at 10:44pm
Weighing in at 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 3/4 in. long!!
We are incredibly blessed!

More details from the birth upon request!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Is all fair in Love and Birth??

If mommy wants to augment the contractions she's having, is it a crime???
I think not.
Not at least, when she's past her due date.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Good Day:

Dare I ask, the calm before the storm??? Don't I wish.

This morning was nice after being up at 3 am for 2 hours, but I digress. I took to 'retail therapy' and enjoyed a few hours of solitude wondering the aisles of World Market and Target. I also had a filling and healthy lunch with my friend Corrina, who also supplied me with a very yummy Venti-Decaf-Almond-Latte from her workplace, the mega-coffee-shop, Starbucks. I picked up my favorite CD from a friends house on the way home and then took a 2 hour nap. When I woke up feeling rejuvenated naturally I headed outdoors to rake the front lawn. The pine cones and needles were literally piling up in the driveway and driving me nuts.

Steve is now on his way home and bless his heart he's bringing the fixins for Hot Dogs (the natural kind) and coleslaw.. and maybe- just maybe he can find a fresh pineapple. Cause what 40 week pregnant lady should do without what she wants. If I want a fresh pineapple darn it all... My last pregnant demand! :-) And anyway it's an old wives tale eating an entire fresh pineapple will make you go into labor.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Could it be??

WWWWWWWell, THE day is almost here. At my prenatal today my midwife checked me by request and performed a 'sweep' of my membranes. We're ready for labor to start! I'll try to document any changes or major events as they happen. But for those with little to no tolerance level, I'll leave all the icky details out. :-)

I truly would love to introduce you to our little darling very soon!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Truckin along...

Three days ago, 39 +2 wga. Girth??? Ha- wouldn't you like to know...

Friday, October 5, 2007

39 Weeks Prenatal Visit

Here Steve is listening to the baby's heartbeat, counting the Fetal Heart Tones. They have good variability and usually stay 130-140's range. Happy Baby heart!

Steve is measuring my Fundal Height, which gives an idea of the size of the baby in relation to the week of gestation. And as you see below this measurement was around 39 cm.

We're getting closer day by day!!!

Water Works

Just for fun last Sunday afternoon Steve and I took Dara downtown to Riverwalk to play in the water. We had a great time. Dara made friends with a 7 month Ridgeback, Reggie and ran to her hearts delight. Here are some choice shots from our day.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Good word for the future...

I realize I have not written much in the past here about my beliefs. As we face the new and (no doubt) curvy road ahead as our family grows, I am so thankful for my faith which is my solid foundation when all seems to be changing.

Even though we live in a fallen world we each have an opportunity for redemption from it, into Holiness through Christ. Redemption is a one time deal, no question asked, but Sanctification I find, is such a daily fight. It is hard being responsible for just myself.. and now I have the added weight of raising a Godly son or daughter. From the Word,
I have assurance that He will provide everything I need to accomplish the task ahead.

There are two things that I observe as I enter motherhood:
One, I have daily guidance
available to me. That is to say the Scripture, on which I can rely on to never change unlike my emotions which often change.
Two, I can call upon the Lord at any time, any place, any mommy crisis! He is an active, heavenly Pursuer who loves for His children to come to Him. They call it a 'Sacred Romance.' Having these two ways of support spiritually brings such confidence and makes my heart burst at the seams. And when I inevitably fall apart in a mommy crisis I know I have a Father who swoops to my rescue, directing my footsteps.

Bebo Norman sings a beautiful ballad depicting God's love for us even when we fall a step away. I want to share the lyrics with you:


Remember the time when I thought of letting go
and taking back my hand
when all I could think was how long can I follow you
and where do I stand in this world
I lost my faith, my reason to believe
when I refused to see
oh Lord, you carried me

and just like a soldier
You battle for my soul
but more like a father
You come and take me home

What is the worth of a man living for himself
with a heart of his own
and every day goes in and out, still without a sign of life
but Father wont you please give me more
when everything is closing in on me
I know you set me free the day you died for me

and just like a soldier
You battle for my soul
but more like a father
You come and take me home

And who is this Man who calls me by name
and covers Himself with all of my shame
but not even death could make You surrender
I remember

and just like a soldier
You battle for my soul
but more like a father
You come and take me home

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September Showers bring October Babies???

If it can work for April rain and May daisies.. why not??

Speaking of showers, Sunday Sept. 23rd, I was blessed so overwhelmingly at my baby's Shower! My sister Christy and my mother Susan hosted it for me. Christy is an expert party planner by hobby and did a fabulous job. The colors were yellow, green and purple. We had ribbons, flowers, a very fun diaper cake (Thanks to Ashley) and 30 wonderful guests to boot!

My mother, upon request from the depths of my heart, made my favorite cake- the Pineapple Mandarin Cake. We even had a small portion to share with Steve afterwards.

My sister not only coordinated all the yummy treats (grandious fruit trays, cheese balls/crackers, veggie trays, nuts, punch...) she laid out a Baby Food testing Game! From the look on the girls faces I'm a bit concerned about feeding this stuff to my kid!

Such generosity is overwhelming! And to be the center of attention is humbling. All of the gifts were just wonderful, and the blessing of having the support of so many wonderful women in my life was touching. My mother shared a selection from 'You are Captivating' a devotional on Motherhood and prayed blessing on all the new mothers (see future post for copy of selection.)

If I could list all the wonderful treats bestowed upon us I would, but I'm going to pick a few in particular... From my mother, a handmade texture blanket- the binding is the satin used to make my Bridesmaid dresses 3 and 1/2 years ago!

Also, our associate pastor and his wife gave us 'The Rhyme Bible Storybook', the most creative and wonderfully illustrated book of Bible stories!

I wanted to get an entire group photo but it did not happen. So, for your viewing pleasure I'll include a shot of what I'll call my 'homebirth gals'.

Clockwise, starting with Me, Bethany (a homebirther, and my dearest
friend), Gwen (another homebirther and friend), Wesley (born at home,
son of Gwen), Lisa (my midwife and mentor), and Brandy (former
co-apprentice, now midwife, friend).