Saturday, April 21, 2012

A New Neighbor

He just came strolling up the road, made a left hand turn under our van, pulled a U-ey passing under the truck and a sharp Right up the hill.. you know, the usual route. He got personally placed back into nature by our friendly 9 year old neighborhood biologist, after a thorough inspection. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

This Spring...

This spring we have focused on ways of expressing energy... I mean come now, a bottled up 4 year old is lethal. :) The boys are loving the outdoors especially because their ages are that of acceptable to go to the yard without direct supervision. They mostly stay put, and although L. sometimes wonders, it's only ever across the street to the park, and usually its when there are other kids down there. High five, for not getting hit in the street on the way back and forth (maybe, just maybe, looking both ways has stuck!) He's also been busy growing.. (make that stop, please!) However, he's not getting any thicker around!

Little N. has begun to really rattle off words. He's very judicious with his words. You have to really earn the privilege to hear him talk. Though the season of 'Utz' has passed, it's still not full bloom conversation, but he answers questions appropriately so no one is worried!
He's a live wire still, learning to have more and more self-control and tolerance for big brother. His other favorite thing to do is to play in the van, and by play i mean mess up all my buttons! Last Sunday, the boy plugged the microwave cord (yard sale item) into L. bicycle handle. yup.

Today with friends we walked in the woods, stopping to play in the creek. This was a fun and relaxing day. Most days are spent running and going, even to 'play dates' but nothing beats a day home. Lots of digging in the sand in our yard, hanging around on the hammocks and the never fail caterpillar catching! Yes, we are smack dab in the middle of that season... poor caterpillars....

And because I'm a mean mom, and simply can't resist, you must know that in the above picture: L.s hand is enveloping a squished caterpillar. And N. is only wearing a teeshirt. :)
These are my boys! And I love them dearly!