Thursday, August 1, 2013

The First of the Month Post:

Riding in the car, overheard from eldest son:
"Sunsets are like a present from the sun right before bedtime."

N.: For as rowdy as he can be, he is such a lover. Twice today he came up hugged my thigh and told me, "I love you, mommy!" And i have no worry with leaving baby in a room with my sweet middle child. He is amazingly gentle with his baby brother, whom he also "loves a lot." 

We are super proud of L. for being excited about reading! He has successfully read the first 4 books in the 'Bob Books'. The independence and pride just shines in his face when he proclaims... "I can read now!" I keep telling him, when he can read he can learn anything!  I'm super proud of that kid! 

Latest imagination inspiration:
My sewing nook transforms into a space shuttle. seriously. the (mild) paper cutter is the throttle, a random felt circle the 'on button', and of course our helmets, gravity boots are found on the book shelf. 
Watch out for when the french doors are closed... there may be aliens about! 

Baby E. is one month old today.  Weighing in at 10 lb 1 oz. 
He spends lots of time sleeping, a moderate amount of time awake and quite a few minutes making more dirty diapers. He's creaky, like an old door... grunts a lot.. and still is a curly ball of newborn sweetness. 

Newest trick.... front and back flips and spins and 'rolling like worms' on the BIG trampoline... 

On moving to the new house: 
The kids have adjusted fairly well. However to sum it up succinctly, L told me the other day, "Mama, I don't have any friends anymore." As that may sound like a gross overestimation, in fact this is close to true. See, he's a social kid. Before we moved he practically lived in the park- everyday, all day. And since we moved the three families he palled around with have also scattered to the wind. Thus his world has shrunk and sadly to this sweet little 5 year old, he has no friends. 
Now that I am back on my feet after having baby #3, I have promised myself to plan playdates with friends as often as I can. Thankfully over the last week and a half we have met friends at the zoo, had friends over to play and have visited the college playground and walked around campus twice. Our social network just simply became a little more widespread. In time we will have routine and friends again. 

I love my kids.