Saturday, June 27, 2009

Potty Learning Victory #1

We had voluntary success!

This morning while I was chatting on the phone I looked up and L. had sat and went #1 on the potty ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!!

A moment to let that sink in.
I was ecstatic!
I was elated!
I was overlooking of the dribble that missed on the floor!
I made a BIG deal and praised L. thoroughly.
I wiped up the dribble, but this time, with a grin on my face.

The Proof:

June Photoshoot: 18 months

Photographer Sarah Jokerst captured L's heart...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Potty Learning Trial Day 1

To all the mothers that have successfully "potty learned" their wee ones, my hat is off to you. I have the balance in mind that my son is 19 months old, and sometimes it takes a while. BUT he's been relatively quick to pick other monumentous things up.. like walking and talking. So, why not using a potty?

L says pee and poop, and knows what a potty is, and how to sit on it. I think we're just waiting for the urge-association. And the control to hold it inside his body til he's sitting down.
My friend, Miriam told me about some PLing theory and I tried to apply a few things this afternoon.
1. Don't ask if they need to go, tell them when they need to they go in the potty. There is a difference in attitude and a shift of responsibility.
2. Their mess is their responsibility, in a non-abusive way. So, if there is an accident, there are wipes to clean with. Just like toys belong in the toy basket #1 and #2 belong in the potty.

The penicle of this afternoon's go round was most definitely when L. went #2 on the potty. I mean ON the potty. He was standing on the (closed) lid and went #2. I decided a picture was too gross; you're welcome. But none the less, 3 floor pee's and wipes up and one poopy dumped into the big toilet made a very busy afternoon for mommy. Needless to say, I'm tired of changing diapers. Cloth or otherwise. So say a little prayer for me, I suppose we'll give it another go tomorrow.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Toys:

I was totally geeked about finding this bad boy at the goodwill. I paid pennies compared to the original price. L. calls it his tent. It is a pop up play tent, second hand, but in relatively good shape. It stands about 4 ft tall and can collapse to the size of a frizbee.. (just wish i could figure out how to collapse it...) We figure it'll be a nice place to hide, take naps, read, imagine and more. Hours of fun!

I'm quite opposed to piles of plastic toys littering the house, but who can say no to Mr. Potato Head? We found this set at a yard sale a while ago and Steve just had to get a bag full of potato and their parts. I caved. But turns out it's quite useful to entertain a 19 month old boy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Katie's Second Blog

I was getting carried away with posting about projects here on our family blog so I thought I should just start a secondary blog dedicated to my lovde of crafts.

You can veiw it at

I hope you'll come by for a look-see soon. Expect lots more cute pictures of our family here!

Little Fishy, Big Fishy...

My parents have a pool in their back yard. It's great... no public pool woes! And free entry any time... Steve is reliving his childhood, asking every afternoon to go swimming. (He's the big fishy!)

We are marveling at the Little Fishy and how quickly he's adapting to the water. He is 19 months old and loves kicking around the 3ft end, supported of course. He even went down the slide. we started small, but then with his permission we guided him all the way from the top to land safely in daddy's arms, and never going under. I have high expectations for him. Balance is key with swimming and I think we'll have the general knack by the end of the summer. He's a brave little adventurer and a sweet little fishy!


I really don't know how to describe the bliss of completeing yet another simple but on hold project! I mean, only a few months ago L. would throw a fit if I sat down to sew.. and now.. it is like he's another child! At any rate, I'm not going to argue! (hear the hum of my machine in the background...)

To some, aprons may be a simpleton reminder of pre-women's lib era, totally passe' and pointless. BUT I would like to point out that they are totally functional and totally trendy, and a breeze to make! Here is my new little half apron. She was repurposed from a Sz 3x skirt I picked up at the goodwill.

Here, in all it's colorfun glory...

Taking it's place, upstaging the ole' apron!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stars and Stripes

I love to sew. Recently however, I have been in a slump. My room was messy and I simply avoided it. After some caffeiene and a self-motivating pep talk it was cleaned up and ready for our overnight guests. And the side bonus of an undercontrol sewing area. I mused to myself and others of how frustrating it is to start a project and NEVER get to finish it. So, yesterday I fished out a summer jon jon outfit I had been wanting to 'whip up' for L. The process is simple and should only take an afternoon to complete but sadly I rarely have an afternoon to whip up with... But here we are, ready for the summer July festivities! Oh and just because: This was an old ladies blouse in it's former life!

Steve's Chicken Shack:

Over the past few weeks we've planned and executed our latest building venture! We're very proud to say that it was mostly recycled and in the end cost us very little! Steve slaved away in the hot sun (and partial cloud coverage, and shade..) I helped little bits as I could, mostly preping the recycled lumber (ie pulling old nails out... whoo-hoo). And L. helped Steve measure the wood and measure everything else within sight.

It's a simple 4x8 rectangle with two windows and 1 door. My mom and dad come to help frame it and slap the roof on. Steve finished up with the walls and door. There's even a cute little chicken door. It's not complete but shouldn't take much more effort. I want to paint it green and we still need to fashion a door for the chicken exit and raise the fence for the run area. I'm also excited about finding the future pet/chickens. I have been keeping tabs on the local free ads and also craigslist. I suppose if I am not too late, I might order them from Murry McMurry Hatchery!

Here are some pictures of our process!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Tiger in the Tree:

Well, not really. We used that position a lot when L. was little and gassy.. but the tiger prowls again!!!! About a year ago we went to Ohio for a family visit and Aunt C. found this cute cute cute Tiger Pillow/stuffed friend. Turns out L. LOVES  him. At night after his bedtime ba-ba he rolls over, arm thrown over tiger.  We had an after bath playtime and I had to grab the camera and snap, snap, snap! Such a cute kid!

Here he is resting after the wrestling match:

Here L. is giving Tiger a kiss:

My sweet boy has his daddy's eyes:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend in the Deep South

Georgia is our neighbor here in South Carolina. I remember lots of weekends in Savanah when my Sister lived there, prior to moving to Atlanta. Though I miss the care-free feeling I had when near the beach in Savanah, Atlanta is a new playground! 

We drove down Thursday night, to "just get there" (roadtrips with toddlers=not fun). Friday morning came and we hit the road again. We drove down through Buckhead and Midtown to Downtown Atlanta where car sightseeing began. (We had a strict budget!!) We saw the coke museum, the aquarium, then drove around the Olympic Centinnial Park,  and then winded our way via GPS to the Atlanta Zoo! 

Steve pointing out a creepy crawly in the Reptile House.

L. loved the Peek-a-boo effect of sticking his head through the hole.. 
then he laughed with glee when the next child appeared as a panda bear! 

L. was not boared at all petting the animals! 

Here is his first encounter with a Nigerian Dwarf Goat! 
(Sidenote: one of you lucky ladies out there will be joining our faimly soon!!! 
I was especially excited to see this breed here as we're hoping to fence an area in to have a goat for milking!

Sweet Treats after lunch. B1G1 at Bastin Robbins- can't beat it with a stick, even if you have to drive 10 miles to get there... We're on vacation! 

Getting down to business at the yard sale Saturday A.M.

L.i played in a box. 

We had a GEAT time at Auntie's house!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pet for a day:


Tonight we had a very cute cinario play out.

K: L., be careful with this cup of milk. 

L: Muhlk!

K: yes, baby that's mil.... OH no.... 

L: uh ohhhh. 

Steve helped clean up the spill. 

L: (determined voice) Yud! Yud! Yud!

K: Baby, I dont know what you're trying to say. 

L: Yud (now pointing in the cup.)

I never taught him to say Lid.