Thursday, June 27, 2013

Looking back: 38 weeks in review

No, I won't go week by week... but I want to record the events and my experience of this pregnancy... lest I forget the sweet little details all too quickly.

So, I thought it was girl.. for the first 20 weeks. Yup. Dead SET it was a girl, actually. (Son, I'm sorry, I love you for being you!)  The first trimester, knocked. my. socks. off. Maybe it was because we had two older boys. I felt much more tired, ate a ton of cheese and drank a lot of milk. Pimento cheese to be specific (with baby #2 it was eggs over easy on buttered toast- which were a no go this time around interestingly enough...)  Also, in december I tore some ab muscles, neigh unto herniation, that made life a little more difficult. Last week of December Steve made the decision to start seminary in January, and we enjoyed a 'three births in one weekend extravaganza'...(sarcasm is a gift...)

We got an ultrasound at 20 weeks. And yup, not a girl. The scene played out like this...
Me: "WHAT was that circle....?"
Dr.: "That was a scrotum, I believe." said poor unsuspecting Doctor
Me: " What? Are you kidding me? OH my gosh? What are we going to do with another boy???? (Crying and Laughing)"
(Doctor watching me, not sure if i was happy or not...) "Let me make sure..."

...15 mins later still searching for bits and pieces....
Me: Patting my tummy/the baby's behind, "Look, baby,  am so sorry I scared you! I was just surprised... I love you soooo much, everything is show us the goods!"
and bam... knees parted and viola... we had a visual on boy bits and pieces!
snap! print! proof...

Second trimester was good. We made the decision to move back into our house and lined up the details on this. Steve enjoyed his first semester as a student. We ate in the cafeteria frequently, enjoyed walking through the woods to campus, and the boys played in the park all day. These were the days...

Early May I delivered two clients babies back to back, one on time and one 36 weeks/early. Both very special and unique.. (with 36 weeks think: in the back of the ambulance...) These two births concluded my obligations to work and allowed me to focus on being pregnant and moving our family to our new diggs. (Our 'New Old' home.)

May 20th we moved. It was not a torturous event, but it definitely called for changes in our schedules and flexibility.

The following weeks we unpacked and tried to adjust to a new space. My husband is an organizer of sorts and I am a planner of sorts. It can be difficult at times, but we're in!

Family Jam

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day 2013

Happy Father's Day to the BEST Father ever,
L, N & Baby E