Monday, July 30, 2007

Time out!

The past year of my life has been focused primarily on 3 things: my home-life, my school and my apprenticeship. Home-life has been great! Steve and I are doing wonderfully as usual. We try to stay busy on the house projects and church activities. And as of late, I'm gestating!

School has continually progressed. Not that I'm a world class student by far, but I'm learning- and isn't that the point?

And thirdly- the apprenticeship. Which has also been wonderful and a great learning opportunity. So, it makes me nostalgic to dwell on the fact that it is coming to a close for this season. August 2nd I won't be renewing as a LMA. But the joy of it all is the underlying cause! I'M HAVING A BABY!

I'm essentially putting myself in a "Time out" from attending prenatals and births. My ETA for reestablishing my midwifery apprentice status is mid-January 2008. I want no less than 3 months with my sweet-pea and possibly even longer before crawling out of bed at 3:00 in the morning to run to a late night birth.

During this 'Time out' it is highly UNlikely that I will be sitting in the corner somewhere pouting... but rather actively learning this tight-rope balancing act we call parenting. (Makes one whisper in the night, "Sanity? Are you still there??? ")

Change is good. It can be challenging in one area but refreshing in another.
Thank God for seasons, even Time out seasons.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Usually just before falling asleep Steve and I and baby spend time together. That involves us praying for baby, using the Fetoscope (a stethoscope used to hear babies heart beat), feeling baby move inside my belly, and lately talking over names we might use.

My most memorable moment with baby and Steve was actually on my birthday, June 13th. I was sitting on the bed, applying lotion to my legs and the baby was just jumping around in there. So as usually I called to Steve to come quickly as he had been requesting. Up until this point he wasn't really sure what he was feeling move.. or if he was feeling movement. So I laid back and waited. Not just once, or even twice but THREE times in a matter of seconds baby lept to give Papa high-fives. He was thrilled and I was so happy I got misty-eyed. I called it the babies Birthday present for it's Mama!

So last night we were enjoying our few minutes together with baby and knowing that the little peanut was doing aerobics in there, I laughed. I could visibly see my abdomen bouncing where baby moved. I said to Steve, "LOOK!".... 'At what?'.... "Just wait for it!".... Then his eyes got BIG. It was so fun to watch. I commented that I thought the kid had rhythm... Of course that thrilled my husband, the musician. So he gently started 'drumming' on my belly with his index fingers. I inquired, "Are you trying to instill a sense of rhythm in our kid in utero ?"
He just smiled and kept tapping. :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm not as vain as this guy..

I assure you it was not I who said...
"I'm not the greatest; I'm the double greatest. Not only do I knock 'em out, I pick the round."

... but because it is my blog I'll post fun pictures to update where we've come from. But I really am not trying to be as vain as that guy... any guesses for fun on who DID say that???

Here are the pictures with brief comments...

Oh wait.. Not THAT far back... that would be vain!

One year and three days ago at my sister, Christy's wedding!

As of January 31st, 2007. Sorry if it's gross....

May 29th, 2007. The half-a-way there mark! YAY!

And here we are, July 2007. Just the three 1/2 of us. Dara still counts. That is only til the baby arrives.. then she is officially demoted to dog status.

Now y'all are caught up on the happenings! From here it will be less picture intensive I'm sure. But I hope you enjoy.

The Final Push

Life couldn't be better here at our house. Well, ok, if anyone is offering a million bucks we'd take it. We are making great strides to complete the major house projects so as to impress the baby when he/she moves in, of course. We've moved things, painted things, and are sort of arraigning things to be more baby friendly. "Of course we need a new table! The corners on this square one are too sharp for an infant who can't even roll over!!" Don't mock please.

Needless to say we're planning, and darn it all it's fun to think about!
I have started to set up a reading corner. I have collected a few second-hand-gently-used-quality-content books for the lower shelf. I'm hoping perhaps for Hanuka Steve will make it complete with a Bean-bag-chair to sit in and a round paper lantern light to hang above. I think that would make a WONDERFUL reading corner. And yes I hope that my reading to our infant will enable him/her to learn to read at a young age and enjoy his/her imagination through books. Perhaps one day s/he'll follow in Papa's family footsteps and love literature so much s/he'll want to be an editor- like his Auntie Cori, author- like his great-aunt Connie or a teacher- like his Grandma Donna. Books are GOOD!

And I just realized that all the s/he and him/her is getting laborious so from hence forth baby will be called simply 'baby'.

So, for now baby and I must do a little homework and start dinner before Papa comes home. It's so easy now with baby on the INside, (sigh) I should enjoy these days; they are numbered!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

My, Oh My,Time Flies!

Another week toward the arrival of Baby #1 is almost at an end. Rapidly approaching 29 wga! It amazes me at how quickly this pregnancy has progressed. I have loved being pregnant and anticipating this addition. Tonight was the last session in the Bradley Birthing Class Steve and I took. We learned relaxation skills (that I would like to attempt for labor), more about the timing and progression of childbirth and lots of great tid-bits about co-sleeping, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, etc. Our teacher is a wonderful gentle spirit who encouraged us and empowered us adding to our basic knowledge of childbirthing.

New developments: Steve and I are thinking about what to name this child. Of course we'll need a few options for both sexes. But we're really at a loss. Some say that they have to look at the child to know what his/her name is, but I'm not so sure in my spontaneity and creativity after pushing him/her out!!! I don't think that the name we choose will be a big secret, but frankly, if you don't like our choice don't tell us! Smile and lie! :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Healthy Fear

I have to say after spending time with our dear friends today I have gained a healthy fear of toddlers. NOT because their young one is a terror, quite the opposite in fact (she's as cute as a bug in a rug), but because I have NO IDEA of what to do with a child that age. I feel increasingly unprepared for the task at hand. I look down and see this belly growing larger daily and wonder, "When you come out, am I going to screw you up???"

For instance, discipline and the correct application of it is most intimidating. I hear my friends loud and clear when they sigh and say, "You learn as you go." But somehow that doesn't make it less of a Mt. Everest. I don't want to become one of 'those' mothers who looses her cool in the middle of the grocery store and everyone around stares and shakes their head thinking of the million things she should be doing but isn't... therefore disrupting all things with ears a mile around. And I know that's what happens, I'm guilty of it myself.

And what do you do all day long?? This might sound silly, but am I ready to entertain a little person 24/7? I suppose that too is learned as you go. What do toddlers do? Babies seem straight forward- they eat, poop, burp and sleep. But once mobile.. you're on for a wild ride! They can actually run around and DO stuff!

Please don't judge me based on this moment of weakness, which is mostly stimulated by a delicious meal and all the blood running to digest it rendering me mentally incompetent. And really I'm sure this is a normal reaction to childbearing and rearing. So, please say a little prayer for me to regain perspective. The Lord hears the cry of His children and will always supply their needs, and in this case bravery to face this fear.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Welcome to our world! Where ideally you can experience a little bit of our lives with us. For loved ones far and near, Steve and I and baby #1 welcome you!

I view the year of 2007 as a milestone. New and wonderful things are afoot. Like this blog, things are developing (that is, specifically the growth of our first baby inside my tummy!) And as life changes for better or for worse we want to share the experience with our loved ones. Sadly I am a mere copy-cat of others. However, I want to leave documented evidence of these 'starting-out' years with our child(ren) and the joy we share together as we grow.