Friday, November 7, 2008

L'air du vent

Thanks Aunt C. for this delightful sleeper!


L's anniversary of his birth was a few weeks ago but we've been without internet and so I'm just getting to making a note for that occasion.

Our dear sweet little man is growing daily before our eyes. He's all over the place and into everything. He loves to play with my tupperware and cookware. We read books a lot, and take walks when the wether is nice. He usually takes one 2-hour nap in the afternoon time. He love to eat real people food (even tonight I gave him his first bits of chicken.) He wears size 4 shoe and still has the cloth diaper booty. He is quick to pick up verbal sounds like a lion, monkey and elephant, snake and fire truck. He enjoys playing chase games with his daddy,

To celebrate the birth of our little boy we had dinner with my parents and sister and brother in law. We had a cake, no candles (ask steve why) and enjoyed just being together. I know the next year will be just as delightful.

Here are a few pictures of the cake eating! We had to show him that it was to eat, not to play in. It only took a few seconds for that idea to lock in, as he is S.'s son...