Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We started to 'brew' a new beverage over at our house, pronounced Kam-bu-cha. It has lots of health benefits, check it out online sometime.
Anyway the result of brewing your own is a delicious, sparkling tea/juice beverage, which thankfully L likes!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beat Down Bread:

I have had a love hate relationship with baking bread for the past 6-9 months.

Today held one major tasks.. bake bread. The other stuff like sweeping and dishes aside, that's all I had to do. Easy-Peasy!

What went askew? The left out oil and too much liquid!!!

So, my dreamy round artisan loaf came out a bit beat down. The loaf in the loaf pan for sandwiches made it out less scathed, but still a little (...a lot..) flat.

The pinnacle of all dastardly loaves:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rediscovering Baby

As my calendar is slowely creeping closer and closer to D-Day (middle-late March) I find my mind is already planning and thinking around all things infant. I, like every other mama of 1 and a bun, am totally unprepared for the first months of adjustment, but am making meager attempts to ease the transition. Those little 0-3 month guys are so tiny and require a completely different set of tools from 2Toddler-hood.

Renovation of the decor has begun; I've been toy sorting, diaper sorting, clothes sorting and exploring other general nesting compulsions. I'd love to have the bedrooms painted, and redo the bathroom in February... but those projects seem to be getting smaller and smaller in the distance as reality sets in. It is fun however to anticipate Baby K2.

Yesterday the family took a field trip to Babies R Us. We were very blessed when L was born, and ended up registering there for a few necessities. (Also, on But being there, among the baby paraphernalia really got the wheels turning and excitement building. Yes, it will be whole 'nother world, and yes I'm totally unprepared-- but isn't life supposed to be lived? and aren't we supposed to enjoy the ride? So, I'm learning to relax into living and enjoying.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goodwill, indeed!

From time to time I head over to the Goodwill. I love hitting them up on the weekend because they have a great $1.00 rack that usually will contain a sweater or two, a cruise down the toddler isle usually results in a fun find too. On the other hand, Steve hits the books and the men's shirts and is ready to roll. For this reason I usually go alone. And then there's the fussy toddler to contend with.. but mama needs her play time too and always enjoys the stop.

Today we went with Emma and I scored on multiple levels of deal heaven. Not only did I go straight to the $1 rack of goodies finding things there but I noted (and double checked) that all the yellow tags were slashed to 50¢!!! The tally rang up at $6 and change and this is what I got...

on the 50¢ we found:
0-3 m striped baby top
2T baseball inspired 3/4- sleeve top
2T OshKosh Tractor Tee
a daddy size Blue Tee
a daddy size Brown polo shirt
a mama size pair of Maternity (over the belly) stretch jeans
(Sidenote: I've been looking for WEEKS for a pair of these and was more than thrilled to get them for 50¢)

and regularly priced:
9-12 m Gymboree Sock Monkey Sweater (to match the longies I'm going to knit!)

Today, I really felt the goodwill...

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We had a jam packed Thursday! The morning and lunch hours with friends then nap time, then another couple hours of play with Pearl. Levi and friend River had so much fun pushing and pulling each other in our new Ikea Wagon. And although the majority of time visiting with Pearl was spent watching her cry, the coloring was fun!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

2010-- The year of bright new things! Well, the sun is bright... er, somewhere, and everyday is new so... SURE!

Here we are, the four of us, ringing in the new year! Happy New Year to, all!