Monday, August 27, 2007


More specifically: The final three births I was to attend IN one week. (Well, eight days.) So yes, I have had limited time to blog. Other than that... Steve is in school or working or clinicals or ride time.. and I really can't think of the last time I spent 1 hour with him awake.

We're terribly excited that Steve's parents are coming for a visit this coming weekend. We had such a great visit when they came down earlier this year, and it's a real treat to see them again so soon. And hopefully AGAIN after baby arrives.

The week before last I enjoyed a new sewing endeavor. A friend of mine gave me a simple pattern for All In One cloth diaper. I thought okay, my friend said she wasn't a seamstress but she was able to follow this pattern so certainly I'll be able to at least figure it out. Much to my glee it was a SIMPLE pattern. The first 'wimpy' diaper I constructed took about two hours, the second less-wimpy diaper took about one hour. And I think I like it! I'm thrilled that these diapers are so easy to make, though my time isn't abundant- I'm hoping to be able to keep up making them one by one until baby arrives. It's fun to pick out fabric, though the waterproofing material isn't the easiest thing to find or work with. I don't think I'll be able to rely solely on my own sewing talents for the diapering and am thrilled to have my Mother-in-law 'hooking me up' in this area. The picture below shows the better two of three that I've made thus far.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Top 5 Things I Love About Steve

I love my husband! There isn't another human on this planet who compares to him! His birthday is coming up this week, so I'll entertain you with a brief summary of the Top 5 Things I Love About Steve!

5. His talent for communication. I feel this is something we have developed together, but he is delightfully talented at expressing his thoughts. If he has worries or frustrations, he doesn't bottle them up. He always responds in love when I pester him for "face time" to talk. And he shows me love when I need to vent and he cares for my emotional needs.

4. The way he treats me like a princess, though I don't act like it.. I wish I served him as well as he serves me. I can look at him and say, "I'm feeling irritable because I'm needy. What I need is for you just to sit with me." And he does, then he gives me eskimo kisses and makes everything better, even when he isn't feeling so hot himself.

3. His genuine heart. He enjoys the simple things in life.. like raising plants from seed or composting kitchen scraps. He loves his family and his friends and they stay the priority in a busy life schedule. He enjoys his job and the adventures he has in the ambulance and always tells me the tale of the day with a twinkle in his eye. I love the fact that he truly likes the food I make, even when I'm practically in tears because it's HORRID, he's over there eating it! (I learned this one while we were dating- I scalded creamed tomato soup and had to PRY it from his hand. Or maybe he was just that hungry? )

2. His incredible sense of humor. I cannot tell you how much FUN we have together just being silly. Not only silliness but he's talented at telling jokes or recreating funny situations.. even limericks! I love his laugh and how he makes me laugh. I'm thankful to God that we're bringing a child into such a happy family! And if only I could record the songs he sings while in the shower.. by now we'd have a full cd of quality lyrics for 'They Might Be Giants'.

1. Steve is an amazing husband. I can't express how thankful I am for his faithfulness to me in every way. He is a hard worker and dedicated to providing for his family. He's a strong man and loves God deeply. Over the past three years I have never needed, and he blesses me with my wants most the time. I find our home to be a peaceful place, a place of love and laughter. I have to stop and thank my dear husband for all he does. I love you, baby!

Happy Birthday, Stephen!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

$2.38 a Gallon and a Gas Station Prophet

I was pleased at paying $2.38 for a gallon of Gas. (Now isn't that sick!) And as I was enjoying the moment of cool while paying for the gas a voice queried "Is it a boy or a girl?"

I turned around to a fellow stocking and said, "I don't know! We didn't find out." After the moment of shock passed, I followed up with, "It's been a lot of fun! Kind of exciting."

He looked at me, smiled, and declared, "I think it's a boy, from the way you look."

At that point the Indian fellow behind the counter chimed in with his mothers knowledge, "My mom says you can tell the sex by the mom's face, how she looks."

My question to her is- "But which is which?"

He shrugged and says, "I don't know!"

I laughed and waved goodbye.

I don't make it a habit to speak to strangers or random men that comment at me, but God's Word, Heb. 13:2 tells us essentially be kind to strangers, for some have unknowingly entertained angels. Perhaps today a Prophet was entertained unawares in the gas station. Perhaps baby is a boy.

Hot Tamales!

Sigh! At temperatures reaching nicely over 100 degrees it's best to just stay inside! This does make exercise a bit tricky as our living space affords about 20 paces in one direction, and I don't think Steve would appreciate my making a path in our newly refinished floors. Yesterday evening, however it was a treat to drive out to a piece of property and walk/wonder around investigating it's potential. (It had amazingly few pine trees.)

We are toying with the idea of purchasing acreage to build on and develop with a small-ish garden and a small-ish number of animals, supplying our family with a few basic needs like eggs and milk. Not to mention pleasure in God's creation. This property was lovely, and the asking price lovely, but as always there were a few minor hitches. Note: This is by no way a declaration that we're pioneering this winter, but rather an exciting dream that may come to reality in the next few years or so. As they say 'They're not making land anymore'... (even if it is in the armpit of the south, land is land.)

We want for our family to enjoy God's creation, with animals, fresh vegetables and an appreciation for hard work. I imagine our kiddies playing in the woods using their imaginations and developing skills rather than sitting in front on the TV, also known as 'brain rot' in our home. We also feel compelled to be good stewards of this planet and our bodies. So for now, my recycling fanaticism and conservative ways of life will have to do. But to be able to have more independence from a society that is trashing our world would be glorious. Perhaps we can know in our hearts we aren't adding to the hole in the ozone or relishing in illness-causing foods and drinks. I feel sorry for those who have little conviction and spawn children who will have to pay the price for our so-called luxuries.

Now how did I get from the heat index to my soapbox about lifestyles?? Well, I guess this is an inlet to my true thoughts. Sorry if it's too much for the unsuspecting reader! But I feel, it is how we should be living to glorify God in our actions. He placed Adam and Eve in the garden to be Gardeners, we all know how that ended, but we are still to be gardeners or 'stewards' over His creation. We also praise Him for ice and air conditioners!

Friday, August 10, 2007

The smell of success

.. in our home is the smell of tomato soup.
11 quarts of soup to be precise.
I can now tick off one of the to-do items from the post few days ago! Yay

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fun Fotos

The View From Way Up Here...

I can barely see my toes when I look down!

Wow- we are such big fans of this baby! I cannot wait to see what it is! I know I really do need this preparation time and the weeks ahead for 'nesting' but I'm terribly excited! In a way I feel like I've been on a long journey and it is coming to a close. It boggles the mind, we're 31 and 1/2 weeks!

Tomato Soup and Tomato Plants

I guess it is just the season for tomatoes!
I went to the Farmers Market here in Columbia today and bought a beautiful box of tomatoes. My plan for tomorrow is to make tomato soup from a family recipe. I grew up with this recipe and am thrilled to be able to attempt making it myself and sharing it with my family. I'm mostly comfortable with the canning process. I did a small batch (yeilding only 3 and 1/2 pints) of applesauce a while ago to sort of ease into it. At the end of the day we'll hopefully have 10 quarts of soup canned!

Steve and I (well mostly Steve) grew tomato plants from seed this year and they are finally bearing fruit. They were a little stunted because of our laziness at putting them in the ground! But they are big and beautiful now. We're very proud of our nine plants! Although we planted a variety of types of tomato the Romas are our only survivors. Early this morning I weeded around the plants. Steve keeps them watered so the least I can do is help tend the garden every now and then. The fruit are still quite small, about the size of a thumb. Hopefully as they ripen they will not become snacks for bugs or birds. This has also been a learning experience. One we both enjoy and next year perhaps we'll become more adventurous including other vegetables in our plot.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Top Ten Things to Do

1. Day of Canning #1- homemade applesauce

2. Day of Canning #2- mom's tomato soup

3. Preparing frozen 'Postpartum Meals' (color coded for ease of assembly)

4. Have the Volvo's air condition fixed

5. Pinch myself- Is this all a dream????

6. Order appropriate items for birth (aka birth kit)

7. Choose the poor innocent child's name, for pete's sake... (ooooh, 'Pete', nah....sigh)

8. Interview and choose a Pediatrician

9. Bring down the baby supplies from the attic and organize them

10. Get rid of this incessant heartburn....


This weekend Steve and I spent time reminiscing, where we've been and where we're headed. The nostalgia we basked in was good. Tunes from the past and literal walks down memory lane served to usher us to a crack in time, between which we balanced with what was and what is to come. It was blending 3 1/2 years of marriage with the start of a new lifestyle as we move into parenthood. I took a few moments to grieve the loss but at the end of the day I simply wanted to come home to the present. There is some strange security in today. At the rate at which time flies, tomorrow is essentially today! So, living in the past is futile. With God's help we are ready to tackle whatever will happen today.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ducks in a Row...

All of the sudden I feel the pressure.. or maybe it's just hormones.
We are on a serious count down. Baby is coming in... +/- 10 weeks!!!
My heart was heavy yesterday, not for regret of procreating- but simply grieving for the loss of our 'two-person' relationship. The intimacy and bond is amazing in marriage and that will never be done away with- I am sure, but it will change.

So, to facilitate one "Last Adventure" before baby comes out Steve and I are heading to the Mountains for the weekend. (Props to my mom for leaving the house available for usage.) I have a whole itinerary planned out. Mostly relaxing, but some planned events. As I requested of my dear, tolerant husband, 'just keep your mind open'.

Friday night we'll be hitting up the movies for the opening of
Bourne Ultimatum. Saturday will be full; Enjoying a walk up memory lane... to the place where Steve asked me to marry him. We'll take some fun photos there together with baby in belly. Then we'll head to downtown Asheville for sightseeing and dinner at Barley's Taproom, the best pizza ever... and then for the FUN part! Saturday evening we're hoping to go Square dancing in Hendersonville! We'll see how that one pans out, but it's on the agenda non-the-less. Sunday morning will be for old times' sake- we're going to go to the Grove Park Inn for coffee (er, whatever I can drink) and enjoy music by the two guitarists who played at our wedding. Most romantic, no? And this special time will conclude an era--at least for a few years.

All of you experienced parents out there, feel free to leave me hope-filled messages of how you have kept your relationship healty after having kids. And please leave any thoughts on how to get my Ducks in a row in the next 10 weeks! There is so much to do, prepare for and expect! It's truely overwhelming.