Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ducks in a Row...

All of the sudden I feel the pressure.. or maybe it's just hormones.
We are on a serious count down. Baby is coming in... +/- 10 weeks!!!
My heart was heavy yesterday, not for regret of procreating- but simply grieving for the loss of our 'two-person' relationship. The intimacy and bond is amazing in marriage and that will never be done away with- I am sure, but it will change.

So, to facilitate one "Last Adventure" before baby comes out Steve and I are heading to the Mountains for the weekend. (Props to my mom for leaving the house available for usage.) I have a whole itinerary planned out. Mostly relaxing, but some planned events. As I requested of my dear, tolerant husband, 'just keep your mind open'.

Friday night we'll be hitting up the movies for the opening of
Bourne Ultimatum. Saturday will be full; Enjoying a walk up memory lane... to the place where Steve asked me to marry him. We'll take some fun photos there together with baby in belly. Then we'll head to downtown Asheville for sightseeing and dinner at Barley's Taproom, the best pizza ever... and then for the FUN part! Saturday evening we're hoping to go Square dancing in Hendersonville! We'll see how that one pans out, but it's on the agenda non-the-less. Sunday morning will be for old times' sake- we're going to go to the Grove Park Inn for coffee (er, whatever I can drink) and enjoy music by the two guitarists who played at our wedding. Most romantic, no? And this special time will conclude an era--at least for a few years.

All of you experienced parents out there, feel free to leave me hope-filled messages of how you have kept your relationship healty after having kids. And please leave any thoughts on how to get my Ducks in a row in the next 10 weeks! There is so much to do, prepare for and expect! It's truely overwhelming.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, Steve and Baby, How wonderful are my memories of my own sweet babies! I'm especially glad you are enjoying this special time of "expecting". It is all a new adventure and as you have learned already you are ready for each new change during these months. Don't worry, you will be ready for each new change also as you parent. You will grow up with your child into each new stage of life and will find that you know what to do, or who to ask. Remember that your baby was God's idea and His creation for you two and His own glory and that He planned it all before time began. It is His delight to Father us all and to give us His wisdom. He is taking joy in placing this new life in our family and I am thrilled to be able to be "Nana" or whatever baby decides to call me. I have always prayed that I would enjoy fully being a mom during each phase of life as my children grow so that I am not looking back and longing for times past. This is my prayer for you too. It is so peaceful to know God has everything under control, that He is the God of the past (He is able to redeem our stumbling and mistakes), the anchor of the present, and the Light ahead in the future. I love you all three and am here for you, Mom Psalm 139

Charis & Judah's Mom said...

I am super jealous! Enjoy your fabulous weekend--it sounds perfect. Abe and I took a weekend trip to Chicago when Charis was still in utero, and it is one of our fondest memories. Take lots of pictures!