Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 23rd

Yes, L. fell asleep on the sofa.

Sitting up.

Road trip:

We had high expectations as we headed North last friday, just for the day. 
2.5 hours in a car with two toddlers? ....Piece of pie! 

With no major breakdowns, lots of girl chatting and stuffing our little men with 'pasti' and 'nanas' this was the photo finish. I think we're all winners! Very tired, but winners. 

Monday, April 20, 2009


This is the postition that L. and I assumed most over the past 4 days. The tummy bug put us both out of commission.  Lots of loungin' on the sofa... that is until we had an accident and had to wash the sofa cover... (but i'll not go into details with that one). Thankfully we're both starting to feel better. Gingerale, chicken soup and homeopathy on board; we'll be 100% in no time.

Berry Pickin with friends....

We enjoyed our first of the season strawberry picking at Cottel Farms in Columbia this past Friday. We joined G. and her two munchkins. L. was still in recovery phase from the tummy bug that struck our church bodies under 5 population. He did however enjoy wevery berry passed his way. And eventually joined the crowd in between rows of beautiful green plants.    We did experience a rather unpleasant blowout diaper that resulted in a total strip from the waist down, but over all it was a great afternoon. We made out like bandits with our overflowing bucket of berries!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stuffy Noses R' Us

I almost believe L. has forgotten how to breathe through his nose.  He has gotten very adept at holding his breath to nurse.  

He doesn't have a cold. its like leftovers from a teething episode this past week. Funnily enough, no teeth have shown themselves. 

He sounds like a hibernating bear when he sleeps. A very unhappy hibernating bear. 
And all he wants is 'oud -jew', translated 'Hold you.' 

I kept him busy today, to save my sainity. We planted seeds this morning and cruised the zoo this afternoon.  Sunshine and fresh air! 

Oh, did i fail to mention the 100-102.5 temp for the past three nights?