Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heard Today:

Momma to Daddy: So did you stir the yogurt? The fruit's on the bottom.
We turn in unison to see L. lifting the cup and looking at the bottom.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Three Ring Circus:

The title describes the mad house in which we live. Day in and day out we are on the go. Yesterdays activities, for example, consisted of cutting paper craft, raking pineneedles, swinging, eating, snacking, watching Milo and Otis, running to the store, baking bread, painting craft, eating, napping N., stamping craft, dehydrating, washing laundry, dishes, eating again and reading. Sprinkle in some teeth brushing, a few three year old fits, lots of giggles and kisses and a sigh of relief after dark.

What does tomorrow hold?
Probably a lot of the same. I have realized however, outside time is a must, to burn off all the oozing 3 year old energy. Nap time is negotiable for early bedtime. Oh and I have a mere 3 days until I sit for my state exam. No stress there!!!