Saturday, May 28, 2011

Today Mama Worked

Every so often I am blessed to get to do my job! Being a midwife is my passion but my family currently trumphs even that! So, it's a blessing to get to attend a birth, even if it is sporadic and obviously, unplanned. While I was gone Daddy held down the fort! And this is proof that he did a great job... 'Look Ma, no TEARS!'

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Super Baby!

Such a big boy! 13 1/2 months old now... and full of spice! This little fellow is just as lively and opinionated as can be! He will head full force into the wind, and tell you all about it when he doesn't like it. (Read: poor L) This past week has been a little rough around here. Both boys have had a cough and runny nose and to take the cake, N. has 4 teeth coming in. Yes, that's correct. FOUR. So he's kinda off his game. But we'll pull out and this little man will be back to his fiesty self soon! After all he's SUPER BABY!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Camping Trip: Mothers Day

Do you realize how insanely expensive hotels are???? I didn't until last Thursday.

This weekend we spontaneously went CAMPING! Ok, confession, we have been camping one time in our whole marriage and actually that was while we were dating! So this was a great opportunity to learn and grow. And attempt to keep sane. I am happy to report we did all three and had fun to boot!
We also made a promise to ourselves: go camping more. it's not so intimidating really. I have always had this hatred for camp cooking... it was a mysterious Everest... one I really skipped around this weekend. (Sandwiches and snacks. A wedding reception. 1 meal out.) But I realize now it doesn't have to be complex or even involve a Coleman camping stove.

Here are some highlights...
Arrive LATE and set tent up via head light

Took a lovely walk
Drove to Charleston
Enjoyed a pic nic at Riverfront Park
Played in both fountains
Went to a wedding recption
Campfire for adults only

Broke down campsite
Drove to BEACH on Folly Island
Got sunburn
Napped N. on a blanket
Cleaned up
Drank half priced frappicinos
Ate Thai dinner with my sister and brother-in-law
Talked in the parking lot til the kids were delusional...
Drove home, happy.