Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cloth diaper craze

In case anyone out there wonders or has concern that cloth diaper is not practicle or enjoyable... I want you to see what a cute baby L. is.. This blue diaper is a new Pocket that we just got in the mail!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Da Da Da da.... thhhhhhhh!

I gave this post this title because this is what little man says a lot. We wake up to him thrashing us saying "DaaaaDaaaaDaaa" And yes, S. is thrilled that his first word will most likely be Da Da.
Little man is so sweet, ya'll. I just have to gush!

He started crawling (for real, not just scooting in reverse) the day of his 7 month birthday. And just in the few days he's been crawling, he's trying his darnedest to pull up. His little legs are still a bit wobbly. And to that end today we had our first incident with the kitchen cabinets. He was doing ok, as I shelled eggs for egg salad sandwiches, and then it happened. I watched in horror as his little fingers got smooshed in the cabinet door. I held him tight thanking God that there was not any blood or blackness, but just a big ouchie! So I believe we have arrived at the place where we should install the little doohickies. Drat.

Not only is he crawling and pulling up, he's finally got his name down. When Daddy calls him by name, he will turn and look!

We're starting the baby sign language with him. I have started with 'book' and 'mama' which are opening your hands as a book opens, and an open hand/thumb to your forehead respectively. I tried the 'I love you' sign today, but his little fingers didn't want to cooperate; they just clenched around mine.

We're spending more and more daylight hours on the front porch. We love it out here. Of course L. will only stay in his swing if I am not around and Daddy is pushing him. We play on the blanket with toys and read books and even dine at the little table I snagged at a yard sale. I wish it would stay this beautiful all summer long, but we will be retreating to the air conditioned indoors soon enough.

Other ta-da moments include:
drinking water from Great Aunt D's glass at a wedding,
taking pumped milk from a bottle from Daddy,
pinching really well,
shaking his noisy toys REALLY well,
and thinking that the monkey sound 'oo oo ah ah' is really a hoot.

Speaking of the cousin's wedding here is a picture of L. and S. all decked out.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another First: SWIMMING POOL!

Yesterday my friend casually invited us to go swimming with her family. And I said SURE! What fun... L.'s first swimming pool experience. I was a bit worried because lately he has been screaming when we put him the in the tub for bath time (thus we have reverted to showers.. a little more precarious.. but less screaming involved.)

I went to the store and found a great Baby Float for Stage 1. It was exactly what I was hoping for. It has a handle and even a canopy for shade. Then we found the diaper aisle. I had to purchase the 'little swimmers' which are supposed to not balloon out like paper diapers typically do. Then we headed over!

The water was VERY chilly.. um.. more arctic than chilly... but I figured as past experience has proven, after you are wet it's not so bad... or maybe after you are numb you don't feel the cold anyway!

L. protested only fractions of what I expected, Praise the Lord. I suppose he was voicing his dislike of the arct-- um, chilly water. But alas, he was numbed up to not mind it and this was the result. A good first swim!

Friday, May 16, 2008

An Affair To Remember:

I have found a new love affair. Diaperswappers.com Now ask me why I just discovered this goldmine of a website???? I could not give a real answer since my friend Gwen told me of it eons ago. I have been a member since yesterday and have made two purchases!!

The benefits of cloth diapering are great. I loved it from the get-go and plan to CD all our kiddies. I found though that with my mere 7 months of diapering I have a few preferences. There are all sorts of diapers out there you know! I found for each stage of life and size of bum there were different techniques or styles I liked better than others.

So what have I found to work for us?
NB--> Cotton Trifold, Snappy and Super Whisper Lite cover.
Sm--> Trifolds, Snappy, Cover and a few pre-made diapers I made from the Very Baby pattern and the Kissaluves I snagged from Gwen.
Med--> (where we are now...) I think the pocket diapers are GREAT. I made a few S/M that we can't fit right now, and have such little free time to sew I'm utilizing the 'ole Motherease (with snap inserts and covers). (Sidenote: I am not a big fan of these. I got them on a great deal and they have served us well, but the crotch is too wide. I have to add a microfiber soaker to it to make it worth while.)
Lg--> and we're heading there quick! Fuzzi bunz and Wonderworks pockets. And when I have a little time this summer I would like to make some Large Pocket diapers as well. The microfiber inserts can't be beat at 25 for 10$ at Sams. No, they're not organic and yes, they will turn your whites a lovely shade of pastel yellow reminding you of a peep when you launder them the first time... but once you move past that they're great, and who doesn't like to look like a peep under his uniform!? I mean, come on! It's like what Spiderman did!!!

I apologize; I thought that would be a cute little list of likes, not a diatribe on peeps... sigh.
The point is, I am very excited to have three new to us pocket diapers coming in the mail as I type. Thank you modern science for PUL. You make my life easier!

If anyone has any advise or thoughts on cloth diapering, feel free to leave a comment! Meanwhile I'm just here basking in the warm fuzzy feeling of this love affair with Cloth Diapering... Sigh...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Today I feel like a mom...

I know it might sound odd. 'Just now? It's been almost seven months!' But today is a GOOD day. Now that is not to say all other days are bad. They are normal. But today.. ahh... today! The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, my favorite music is playing, my baby just woke up from a nice nap (during which I was able to chit-chat with a friend, clean the kitchen up, contemplate dinner and mop the house...phew!), and the we're playing on the front porch. Though we did run a few errands this morning which is usually taxing, we came home, ate lunch, napped, accomplished some things and now we're enjoying each other and the beautiful weather. This is what I envisioned mothering to be. Even the trees whispering in the wind are extra brilliant green today. I say, this is a 'God hug'- a moment when all is well. And today in our neck of the woods, all is well!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dear Son, on Mother's Day:

You are such a joy! I am amazed at how even daily you seem to be growing and changing.

Exploration is your game. You love to shake your toys and you can scoot in reverse, but are still working on mastering forward. You are so cute when you get on all fours and rock quickly back and forth. And when you're really feeling full of yourself you go all the way on your tip-toes and hands. We expect you to take off any day now. Speaking of taking off, your little teeth are coming in early. (I forgive your little bites..) 8 teeth in one month has to be a record. Gone forever is your gummy smile. Granna fondly calls you 'Mr. Toothy'.

Everyone says you look like your Dad, and that is really great. Lately however I can see glimpses of your mommy's side. When you smile you look strikingly like your Great-Granddad, your namesake. I love that! Not only have you gained teeth, but your hair is coming in thicker. You still have lots o' cheeks and you currently weigh (approximately: 18lbs.)

You're such a happy baby. When we are out at the store or church you are constantly smiling at people as they walk by. You're always 'making friends'. I pray that as you grow you will continue to love people and care about them. I know this phase we're in of 'I want mama' is just that, a phase, my dear boy. Your daddy understands too and as you grow he'll have LOTS of fun with you. I carry you around most everywhere. I often tell people, "One day he'll run from my arms, I'm just taking it all in while it lasts."

Since I'm a student, you go to school too! We attend school once a week at Mrs. J's house. Mrs. S. and Mrs. J. are dear friends and have known you since Yahweh created you in my belly. Not only do you learn with me about Midwifery, you volunteer one day a week at the Birth Center. This is fun because our little friend J. and his mommy are there to play with. And to date you have attended 5 births (not including your own.) You're getting to be a pro! Usually Daddy comes a long to keep you occupied while I work.

We are so lucky that we get to see Granna and Pop so much. It's sad for me that your Grandma D. and Grandpa C. and Granddad B. are so far away. We are planning a special trip just to see them this fall. Not to mention your Aunts and Uncles who all adore you. Between you, me and the fencepost, kid, we've got a great family!

Thank you for blessing my life, L. You make life wonderful!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Family Time and Swing Time

This week we hosted my mom's sister and brother, his son and my parents. They were passing through on the way to Myrtle Beach. Luckily there was a RV involved so we weren't tripping over people in the night. It was very special that my Aunt Ellen was able to come visit. Here are a few photos from that time.

While we had our family was here this past week S. was able to install my latest good Goodwill find: an infant swing. He constructed, painted drilled and knotted. Then voila!