Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dear Son, on Mother's Day:

You are such a joy! I am amazed at how even daily you seem to be growing and changing.

Exploration is your game. You love to shake your toys and you can scoot in reverse, but are still working on mastering forward. You are so cute when you get on all fours and rock quickly back and forth. And when you're really feeling full of yourself you go all the way on your tip-toes and hands. We expect you to take off any day now. Speaking of taking off, your little teeth are coming in early. (I forgive your little bites..) 8 teeth in one month has to be a record. Gone forever is your gummy smile. Granna fondly calls you 'Mr. Toothy'.

Everyone says you look like your Dad, and that is really great. Lately however I can see glimpses of your mommy's side. When you smile you look strikingly like your Great-Granddad, your namesake. I love that! Not only have you gained teeth, but your hair is coming in thicker. You still have lots o' cheeks and you currently weigh (approximately: 18lbs.)

You're such a happy baby. When we are out at the store or church you are constantly smiling at people as they walk by. You're always 'making friends'. I pray that as you grow you will continue to love people and care about them. I know this phase we're in of 'I want mama' is just that, a phase, my dear boy. Your daddy understands too and as you grow he'll have LOTS of fun with you. I carry you around most everywhere. I often tell people, "One day he'll run from my arms, I'm just taking it all in while it lasts."

Since I'm a student, you go to school too! We attend school once a week at Mrs. J's house. Mrs. S. and Mrs. J. are dear friends and have known you since Yahweh created you in my belly. Not only do you learn with me about Midwifery, you volunteer one day a week at the Birth Center. This is fun because our little friend J. and his mommy are there to play with. And to date you have attended 5 births (not including your own.) You're getting to be a pro! Usually Daddy comes a long to keep you occupied while I work.

We are so lucky that we get to see Granna and Pop so much. It's sad for me that your Grandma D. and Grandpa C. and Granddad B. are so far away. We are planning a special trip just to see them this fall. Not to mention your Aunts and Uncles who all adore you. Between you, me and the fencepost, kid, we've got a great family!

Thank you for blessing my life, L. You make life wonderful!


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