Friday, May 16, 2008

An Affair To Remember:

I have found a new love affair. Now ask me why I just discovered this goldmine of a website???? I could not give a real answer since my friend Gwen told me of it eons ago. I have been a member since yesterday and have made two purchases!!

The benefits of cloth diapering are great. I loved it from the get-go and plan to CD all our kiddies. I found though that with my mere 7 months of diapering I have a few preferences. There are all sorts of diapers out there you know! I found for each stage of life and size of bum there were different techniques or styles I liked better than others.

So what have I found to work for us?
NB--> Cotton Trifold, Snappy and Super Whisper Lite cover.
Sm--> Trifolds, Snappy, Cover and a few pre-made diapers I made from the Very Baby pattern and the Kissaluves I snagged from Gwen.
Med--> (where we are now...) I think the pocket diapers are GREAT. I made a few S/M that we can't fit right now, and have such little free time to sew I'm utilizing the 'ole Motherease (with snap inserts and covers). (Sidenote: I am not a big fan of these. I got them on a great deal and they have served us well, but the crotch is too wide. I have to add a microfiber soaker to it to make it worth while.)
Lg--> and we're heading there quick! Fuzzi bunz and Wonderworks pockets. And when I have a little time this summer I would like to make some Large Pocket diapers as well. The microfiber inserts can't be beat at 25 for 10$ at Sams. No, they're not organic and yes, they will turn your whites a lovely shade of pastel yellow reminding you of a peep when you launder them the first time... but once you move past that they're great, and who doesn't like to look like a peep under his uniform!? I mean, come on! It's like what Spiderman did!!!

I apologize; I thought that would be a cute little list of likes, not a diatribe on peeps... sigh.
The point is, I am very excited to have three new to us pocket diapers coming in the mail as I type. Thank you modern science for PUL. You make my life easier!

If anyone has any advise or thoughts on cloth diapering, feel free to leave a comment! Meanwhile I'm just here basking in the warm fuzzy feeling of this love affair with Cloth Diapering... Sigh...

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