Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another First: SWIMMING POOL!

Yesterday my friend casually invited us to go swimming with her family. And I said SURE! What fun... L.'s first swimming pool experience. I was a bit worried because lately he has been screaming when we put him the in the tub for bath time (thus we have reverted to showers.. a little more precarious.. but less screaming involved.)

I went to the store and found a great Baby Float for Stage 1. It was exactly what I was hoping for. It has a handle and even a canopy for shade. Then we found the diaper aisle. I had to purchase the 'little swimmers' which are supposed to not balloon out like paper diapers typically do. Then we headed over!

The water was VERY chilly.. um.. more arctic than chilly... but I figured as past experience has proven, after you are wet it's not so bad... or maybe after you are numb you don't feel the cold anyway!

L. protested only fractions of what I expected, Praise the Lord. I suppose he was voicing his dislike of the arct-- um, chilly water. But alas, he was numbed up to not mind it and this was the result. A good first swim!

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