Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Da Da Da da.... thhhhhhhh!

I gave this post this title because this is what little man says a lot. We wake up to him thrashing us saying "DaaaaDaaaaDaaa" And yes, S. is thrilled that his first word will most likely be Da Da.
Little man is so sweet, ya'll. I just have to gush!

He started crawling (for real, not just scooting in reverse) the day of his 7 month birthday. And just in the few days he's been crawling, he's trying his darnedest to pull up. His little legs are still a bit wobbly. And to that end today we had our first incident with the kitchen cabinets. He was doing ok, as I shelled eggs for egg salad sandwiches, and then it happened. I watched in horror as his little fingers got smooshed in the cabinet door. I held him tight thanking God that there was not any blood or blackness, but just a big ouchie! So I believe we have arrived at the place where we should install the little doohickies. Drat.

Not only is he crawling and pulling up, he's finally got his name down. When Daddy calls him by name, he will turn and look!

We're starting the baby sign language with him. I have started with 'book' and 'mama' which are opening your hands as a book opens, and an open hand/thumb to your forehead respectively. I tried the 'I love you' sign today, but his little fingers didn't want to cooperate; they just clenched around mine.

We're spending more and more daylight hours on the front porch. We love it out here. Of course L. will only stay in his swing if I am not around and Daddy is pushing him. We play on the blanket with toys and read books and even dine at the little table I snagged at a yard sale. I wish it would stay this beautiful all summer long, but we will be retreating to the air conditioned indoors soon enough.

Other ta-da moments include:
drinking water from Great Aunt D's glass at a wedding,
taking pumped milk from a bottle from Daddy,
pinching really well,
shaking his noisy toys REALLY well,
and thinking that the monkey sound 'oo oo ah ah' is really a hoot.

Speaking of the cousin's wedding here is a picture of L. and S. all decked out.

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