Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Very Berry!

I brought the children up to the mountains for a few days of gettaway. On the way we stopped and picked raspberries and blackberries! We enjoyed it for the first 20 mins. then my goal was to pick and get outta' there! It isn't as hot and humid as it is in SC but MAN i just didn't appreciate the sun. N. even has a cute little farmers tan from riding on my back as I picked. We enjoyed some discount shopping and then an afternoon at the house. We ventured out after a heavy rain shower to pick more. This time is was blueberries off my mom's bushes. We picked about half gallon. off one bush. (!) The plan is to pick more blueberries tomorrow, and more raspberries on the way out of town.

This, folks, is a REAL berry. (Yes, singular.) the biggest I have ever had. A couple of jamming nights once we returned home and I put back quite a few jars of jam! So very exciting, considering these berries were organically grown.

Exit stage Left... Raspberry Jam!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday equals...

day to prepare for sabbath
day without daddy
day with our little, best friend
day with no naps
day with two loads of laundry
day with a bowl of i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m (have to spell the good stuff around here...)
day with diapers to fold
day to goof off
day to eat mac'n'cheese and apples
day to love!