Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just because they're so darn cute...


What a day... it ended well enough... Dinner out! Only because the kitchen cabinets were wet with a shiny new coat of paint... that I put on this afternoon. It only took 3 months.

At any rate, the cabinets look lovely! We had a fun evening out together and all is well!

In the Last 30 Minutes

My children have...
Played in dirty water

Bowled for recyclables

Used sidewalk chalk on the porch.

And I have accomplished
(Oh wait, I ate, and subsequently now
have peanut butter and jelly in my cleavage.)
Because I have two busy boys!
And I love them...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July:

For this fourth of July daddy had to work. But the boys and I drove to a small town about 30 minutes away for the County Peach Festival! There was much anticipation of the Parade as we drove. We caught the tail end, thankfully the important parts, ie the tractors, race car and the go carts! After that we met some friends and wandered around. We stopped a few venders but took a turn towards the food. After our picnic lunch we headed to the antique tractor and cars sections, then on to the Revolutionary War reenactment. There we heard the Declaration of Independence read and inspected all the interesting war paraphernalia. L. even was able to assist in a practice of the firing of the cannon. 4 shots in 60 seconds. I don't know if that is a good run or not... but it was cute to watch! The highlight for the boys was the peach icecream...