Friday, January 28, 2011

January in Pictures

First Steps:

My darling little #2 took his first freestanding steps yesterday. 10 months old and wanting to walk! Crawling is so 2010. Walking HERE WE COME!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 2011:

This month we have stayed busy. In the midst of the occasional play date we have visited my sister and her family twice. The boys have been kinda sick of the road. The weather hasn't really cooperated either, ok, well, it is winter after all. But outdoor time is a MUST for the eldest. He has so much energy! We have also been working around the house, which takes the attention off said 3 year old. And that can be tiresome. For mama. This month has flown by and the boys are as cute as ever, both growing and changing. L. has gotten taller I think and N., well, he's changing daily. The little guy gets into everything... the dirty shoes, buckets of water (from the tiling), and OH the spackle....finger painted the hall wall and floor...artistic and delicious! We look forward to the rest of 2011 and watching the boy grow.