Friday, May 29, 2009

Rise and Shine!



May 22nd: Bubbles

I promise there were bubbles involved. None were caught on film.  Then we dumped the bottle of bubbles on the ground. Good times.

May 20th: Asleep

My darling little boy was playing in the bedroom as I was busy around the corner, cleaning the bathroom. As I breezed in to dump laundry in the basket, I was caught off guard... this is what I found.
Sleeping is sweet and all, but on the floor! 
And notice, what is clutched in his hand?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What we've been up to...

I have great guilt for not keeping up with posting.  I want to share with family and friends the things that are going on in our lives.. it just seems in the meantime life happens! You know, like 3 births in one week. (That's my life.) Steve is a champ in moments like those, and L. is a trooper even though he'd rather have his mommy! 

Here's some cute pictures from the camera we were late on uploading...

April 9th: enjoying the outdoors: 
"outside... ride... bike... tree... bug... whoa..." 
are just some of the things L. says at 18 months..

April 21st 09: Happily playing on the front porch in the nice weather

May 3rd: Ride with J. on the bikyle (bike/motercycle)

May 6th A glimps of a birth:
Jami (who just licensed!!), myself, the baby, and our  midwife/teacher Susan.
Do we look as tired as we were?

May12th 09 Mellissa and Doug Fun:
(L. can also say "train... puzzle... truck... bus...")

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Wall...

Part of our home makeover was to erect a wall that would separate our kitchen and form a laundry room! We have worked long and hard with this project, in snatches of minutes here and there, naptimes and late nights. Here are a few snaps of the process... please excuse the mess!

Here we see... construction!  Spakeling and sanding... priming and then painting..