Sunday, May 30, 2010

To Do List

I described my life, as many mom's would agree, to be like a robot. Following a routine: changing diapers, dressing babies, feeding them, giving baths, going to sleep and doing it again the next day. So every so often I have to take a little time to re-enter reality as a human being. Lately that's been Ladies Night with our fellowship. Tonight was just a girlfriend and me at Books-a-Million. Yes I took the baby, but he's still easy!
So thinking about my life and the things for ME that I wish to complete here is my current (and ever changing and growing) TO DO list:

-Wax eyebrows
-Type up favorite recipes
-Trim bushes out front
-Attend births
-Try a new recipe for fun, not frugalness
-Make bulk whole wheat waffles to freeze
-Organize the bathroom closet and under the sink (it would make me HAPPY to do this.
-Read a book about the feasts
-Read a book about fluff
-Print pictures to put in frames that are piled on my dresser

Stay Little Forever...

We are approaching the three months milestone quickly. Peanut, Muffin or Lovey... whichever you decide to nickname baby #2 is doing great. Just this past two weeks he seems to be opening up. He has the most glorious grin of all babies everywhere. I will capture one soon and place it in this post. The news of the day: N. weighs 15 pounds at 2.5 months old. He's long and chubby. I love it! (And we're incredibly excited to share the baby love with our family who are visiting later in June.)

The Big One, Goober, or Bubs... whichever you decide to nickname the eldest child is a riot. He's ALL boy. (Where did he actually learn the word Bazooka???) He's so independent, which is excellent and tiresome. 99% potty trained now and cruising on past 2.5 years old. He weighs in around 28 pounds and is a slim jim now that he doesn't have the bulky cloth diaper butt. We've been doing a lot of sand pile digging at the park and just running. He's found the water hose love and sleeps on the top bunk. Not a day goes by that L. doesn't ask for (or cry for) his daddy. The evening romp is the hi-lite of his day...only surpassed by actually going to visit daddy at work, because sometimes he gets to sit in the ambulance seat or check out the cool fire trucks hanging out at the station. All boy and all delight!

Stay little forever my sweet sweet boys...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Not so Little Man: 2 months old

My baby is getting more robust by the day! He has such a cute little round belly, and those wonderful fat rolls on his arms and thighs... (just wanna pinch em') I am not sure exactly how much he weighs but I'm on a mission to find that out. When I do I'll insert it here!

N. has such cute expressions! He purses his lips in a tight 'o', and purses his brow quizzically. And his still bright blue eyes open so widely to watch the world around him! At two months old I am guessing things are starting to come into focus. Today he was smitten by the fan and lights over the bed. For some reason he gives a great big grin when he sees the bath tub. (We EC there.) If i coo to him though, it is quickly replaced with an expression of being bothered. "Mom, I was busy enjoying this rustic 1960's model shower wall... geez- don't interrupt."

He's also gaining in strength as well. He can hold his head up really well. Unfortunately, I can't prop him up on the sofa anymore. The two times I have tried to steal away just for a moment (to refill my water glass or the like) he's catapulted himself over onto his tummy/face. That seating arraingement is out.

He doesn't like the bouncy seat very well. I'm not sure, however, if it is the actual seat or if the floor is more windy and drafty from the air vents. He does however like to swing in the infant car seat. (Precursor to roller coasters? I dunno!) I need to beg/borrow/steal a baby swing to try out. I'm just afraid to invest in an item like that seeing as how my first didn't like them at all and I guesstimate this one will prefer to be a bit higher to see what's going on.

From gift money we were able to buy a nearly-new Ergo carrier. I am SO excited to use it. I have had to modify it with a towel roll to elevate him so his leggies aren't scrunched. They sell the infant insert. That'd be a great present... hint hint hint. :) Until then we use a towel happily. This carrier is high tech but sleek and that's why I like it and would recommend it. ( I have heard, you can carry up to 40 lbs in it.. so that's like... L. and N. put together! hmmm... NOW were on to something...) Needless to say, I'm enjoying having my arms back.

L. had a rough time last week. He started making this HORRID baby cry for attention. My response.. 'You have words, use them.' So, I asked, would you like some attention son? 'Yes.' was the reply. This week seems to be going a little smoother. Over all L. is a GREAT son. He's so cute, attentive, surprising, and helpful. He's a lot like his daddy, and a very plesant child. I'm a blessed mama. I love my first born something fierce. Heck, I love both my kids something fierce. They rock.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Play Play Play!

My goal lately has to incorporate more friends and more play-dates for L. I'm thrilled that we have been able to uncover friendships for L. within families of mama's friends! It makes mama very happy to have L. preoccupied with another little kiddo. In these fresh and amazing moments I get to breathe, talk, laugh, make jam... all the things that illude my day normally. (Strawberry freezer jam concocted this afternoon during our spontaneous afternoon play-date.)

I've enjoyed seeing L.'s face light up with excitement as he says, "our new friend!!!" This was my main inspiration for deciding to start a playgroup in our community that features boys who are 2T or there 'bouts. And as a bonus, we will meet at our house and WALK (yes, that is exercise) to the park and back. I've had one excited mama respond and am looking forward to many more soon!

The weather here is perfect spring weather. A few days of heat and humidity have crept in, but mostly it's been perfection. Thus the newly acquired tricycles, outdoor balls and swing have seen lots of action. I do dread the point at which our weather perfection falls prey to the southern summer heatwave. I grieve the loss that lurks in the near future. Thank the Lord for sunscreen and pools! Hopefully this spring and summer will afford lots of picture taking opportunities, that is if mama can remember batteries for the camera when she goes to the store!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Too Busy to Post


Isn't that the truth... as a mom of two our days are scheduled and full. If there is a brief quiet moment I selfishly do something like taking a shower. There has been little picture-taking but lots of fun things going on. I promise to one day catch up! Soon I hope!

Hey why not now?? oh there are no batteries in the camera...