Thursday, May 6, 2010

Play Play Play!

My goal lately has to incorporate more friends and more play-dates for L. I'm thrilled that we have been able to uncover friendships for L. within families of mama's friends! It makes mama very happy to have L. preoccupied with another little kiddo. In these fresh and amazing moments I get to breathe, talk, laugh, make jam... all the things that illude my day normally. (Strawberry freezer jam concocted this afternoon during our spontaneous afternoon play-date.)

I've enjoyed seeing L.'s face light up with excitement as he says, "our new friend!!!" This was my main inspiration for deciding to start a playgroup in our community that features boys who are 2T or there 'bouts. And as a bonus, we will meet at our house and WALK (yes, that is exercise) to the park and back. I've had one excited mama respond and am looking forward to many more soon!

The weather here is perfect spring weather. A few days of heat and humidity have crept in, but mostly it's been perfection. Thus the newly acquired tricycles, outdoor balls and swing have seen lots of action. I do dread the point at which our weather perfection falls prey to the southern summer heatwave. I grieve the loss that lurks in the near future. Thank the Lord for sunscreen and pools! Hopefully this spring and summer will afford lots of picture taking opportunities, that is if mama can remember batteries for the camera when she goes to the store!

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