Sunday, May 30, 2010

To Do List

I described my life, as many mom's would agree, to be like a robot. Following a routine: changing diapers, dressing babies, feeding them, giving baths, going to sleep and doing it again the next day. So every so often I have to take a little time to re-enter reality as a human being. Lately that's been Ladies Night with our fellowship. Tonight was just a girlfriend and me at Books-a-Million. Yes I took the baby, but he's still easy!
So thinking about my life and the things for ME that I wish to complete here is my current (and ever changing and growing) TO DO list:

-Wax eyebrows
-Type up favorite recipes
-Trim bushes out front
-Attend births
-Try a new recipe for fun, not frugalness
-Make bulk whole wheat waffles to freeze
-Organize the bathroom closet and under the sink (it would make me HAPPY to do this.
-Read a book about the feasts
-Read a book about fluff
-Print pictures to put in frames that are piled on my dresser

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