Monday, July 28, 2008


Plans hinge on lots of things in life. Take nap time, for example. Most of our ability to function is determined by the quality and length of naps. Sometimes naps hinge on the schedule or location. (As we venture to our first traveling vacation I wonder how the plans will flow.)

For example.. the plan today was.. nurse the baby to sleep, then clean and prepare the chicken for dinner. I mean, really, who wants to do this with a baby wrapped around your ankles? So, in this little scenario, today we had victory over the plan!

The plan for the afternoon? Play around the house, clean up a little, nurse,... THEN take another nap. Ha Ha Ha (in a sassy voice) It all comes full circle!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Edventure Conqured

This morning we had a play date with our friends C and W at a fantastic spot called Edventure. We went into this special room for 3 and under. What a concept! It was great. And being the supermom that I'm not, my friend had to take the pictures. Anyway, she captured a few great ones that I'll share with you here.

Random Pics of L.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Led Feeding

With L. I plan to breastfeed until he weans himself. I waited to give him any solids until I felt like he was asking for it. He told me he was ready by his actions: he intently watched us eating and began reaching for the food we had on our plates, to the point of stalking.

What he eats at 9 months (tomorrow):
Fresh peaches
Fresh banana
Sweet potato
Cheerios (just added this week)

Today he really got into the avocado and cheerio combination!
Practice makes perfect!

Surprise visit from Granddad Bob!

We had a wonderful visit from my Dad and T. this past weekend. It was surprise as well as brief, unfortunately. They're making the rounds, visiting all the kids.

Our time consisted of chatting, playing with L., Dinner out at Mellow Mushroom the ice cream afterward, craft talk, and then for me an all day marathon birth. (God bless the mama.) You never know when they'll strike and although I would have preferred to spend the one day my Dad was in town hanging around with them, it was alright. They came over mid-day and even got to look around the Birth Center. It was great fun! I know L. enjoyed playing with them. Here are a few shots of the far too brief visit!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I may regret posting this, but I have a feeling I'm not alone in this boat!!!

I feel horrible. During nap time today L. woke up quietly as sometimes he does. I was busily buzizng around the house trying to get some things accomplished when I heard him start to cry. I took off, which is typical due to his mobility and the fact that he doesn't have crib walls to contain him. He has taken a tumble a few time so far, and alas.. the scene plays out: I open the door expecting to see him on the bed, sitting just shy of the edge, as he has a healthy fear of the 1 ft drop- telling me how horrible it is to wake up alone. But no baby on bed, scanning room.... AHHH, baby butt and legs in the air, baby arm- lodged in the slat of the bedside table, and baby head pressed against an air vent which was blowing cold air! Poor little man. I dislodged his arm and scooped him up (checking for any blood or broken bones.) I think the air in the face and rude fall was all that was truly wrong (though he did land on a pillow.) He has just started to show a nice little Bonk bruise on his forehead.

In my defense, there is only so much I can do if the child determines to go after the alluring alarm clock, placed strategically just out of reach, while he should be napping! Bless his heart.