Sunday, July 13, 2008


I may regret posting this, but I have a feeling I'm not alone in this boat!!!

I feel horrible. During nap time today L. woke up quietly as sometimes he does. I was busily buzizng around the house trying to get some things accomplished when I heard him start to cry. I took off, which is typical due to his mobility and the fact that he doesn't have crib walls to contain him. He has taken a tumble a few time so far, and alas.. the scene plays out: I open the door expecting to see him on the bed, sitting just shy of the edge, as he has a healthy fear of the 1 ft drop- telling me how horrible it is to wake up alone. But no baby on bed, scanning room.... AHHH, baby butt and legs in the air, baby arm- lodged in the slat of the bedside table, and baby head pressed against an air vent which was blowing cold air! Poor little man. I dislodged his arm and scooped him up (checking for any blood or broken bones.) I think the air in the face and rude fall was all that was truly wrong (though he did land on a pillow.) He has just started to show a nice little Bonk bruise on his forehead.

In my defense, there is only so much I can do if the child determines to go after the alluring alarm clock, placed strategically just out of reach, while he should be napping! Bless his heart.

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Charis & Judah's Mom said...

Just last night we were putting the kids to bed and playing a bit too roughly, and long story short, due to my stupidity, Judah has a ginormous lump on his forehead. By comparison,you should feel like mother of the year!!

By the way, Judah was sitting on my lap as I read your blog, and he saw the picture of the three of you and immediately said, "KATIE!!!" Cool, huh?