Friday, June 17, 2011

A very merry birthday...

Thank you to all who have wished me a happy birthday, or were instrumental in gifting time with my hubbs.

Let's see, inventory:

Lunch date with hubby minus kids,
new undergarmets purchased,
the Settlers of Catan game purchased,
broken glasses,
ordered midwife goods off,
surprise bowling party with friends,
yummy homemade german chocolate cake,
a day with my family (parents and sisters fam's),
swimming fun,
lemon cake + lemon icing,
homemade chocolate icecream,
surprise present to come in the post!

See!? Lots of good stuff....
And now to the pictures of my lovely family...

Friday, June 10, 2011


This summer I aspire to...

teach my oldest to really swim

learn to quilt via a friends mom

continue to pay off debt

go camping at the beach as much as possible

enjoy the AC and pool time as much as possible

hang my laundry more often using less energy

This last week...

MOPS outing to the Irmo Fire Department
Late afternoon outing to the Library for more entertainment
Swimming at Imma's and Idad's
Lots of finger-food lunches (crackers, cheese, pickles, cucumbers, melon)
Daddy home sick from work Thursday
Play in the park
Reading free books on my Kindle App
Mailed a letter to a friend
Shopped for a babyshower to come this weekend
Meal planning that included making Ketchup
Impromptu afternoon of cleaning house

When mama's not happy...

The phrase should actually be, "When mama's not feeling well...."
I am sad to say, sickness has engulfed us. I've had a fairly steady temperature of 100.5-101.8 for the past 24 hours. Thankfully the boys have both accommodated with naps a good portion of the day. And the slow sizzle of the crock pot is ensuring a nice dinner awaits. Things you might hear around my house today,

Gee, is it me or is it hot in here!?

My head feels swimmy...

gaaskbiiigagggb. (N. speak for "My mama doesn't feel well.)

BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP. (The alarm on the thermometer saying YOU"RE TOO HOT!... sassy little things :)

Can I watch a movie? YESSS! (L. taking advantage of his delirious parents.)