Thursday, December 13, 2007


First bath.. Nov 2nd

First Charleston visit.. Nov. 17th

First smile at mommy.. Nov. 18th

First library visit... Nov. 4th

First Pampered Chef party.. Dec. 6th am

First Hanukkah celebration.. Dec. 6th pm

First dentist appointment... Dec. 13th

The time of our lives...

If one were to ask L., "What do you love to do?" one would most likely get the response of "....." because he can't talk yet. BUT if you asked his mommy what he like best to do she would describe his play time. Looks a lot like the above picture. He lays on the changing table pad kicking his legs and moveing his arms, staring intently at the strategically placed interesting toys dangling from above and listening to his wind up tigger or wind up train playing a lullaby. The ball you see in the photo is a great find from Babies'r'us; a ball for all ages as little ones, like Levi, can fit their little fingers around it. It's in perfect swat and grab range. Currently the favorite toy that is dangling from above is a funny looking horse/mule like creature: big googgly head, two floppy neon green ears, and four limp legs of black and white check fabric. When you pull a string attached to his body he makes a rattling noise as it retracts back up. Needless to say it's the star of the show. L. usually spends about 15-25 mins max playing in this way. I just remember to keep the 'Winnie the pooh' song playing as I am afforded a few minutes to fold laundry nearby.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Long Pause...

So sorry to my faithful viewers, I have not updated you on our lives as we have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks. Seems like we are almost at the end of the initial rush of family. But as a surprise blessing, my mom was able to come stay with us for 5 days. We've enjoyed being together.. she's been a busy helping around the house and playing with L.

This past Saturday mom and I went to Covenant Birth Center where we toured the facility and then helped hang a bunch of pictures. The birth center is amazing, if you're local you should make an appointment for a tour. It's going to revolutionize birth in the Midlands. I'm so honored to be a part!

Unfortunately S. and I seem to have come down with a cold. We have sore throats and are very tired. BUT we are excited Aunt C. is arriving tomorrow afternoon and will be visiting us until next Tuesday. We're going to pack in as much fun baby L. time in as possible.

On a very exciting note, Steve will be graduating Paramedic school on Dec. 12th. He has yet to take the National Exam but has passed the class with flying colors! I'm so very proud of him. This year has been crazy but amazing. So, for this afternoon our plan is to be lazy... I think L. has a head start on that!