Saturday, October 31, 2009

To L.: On Turning Two

You're growing fast little one!

1. You have 18 teeth, are 33.5 inches tall and soaking wet weigh 26 lbs.

2. Your favorite foods: ice cream and cheese top the list!
Eggs, bread, potatoes, french fries, chicken, grapes, kiwi, banana, apple and peanut butter, hummus and chips, broccoli and dressing. In general you're a great eater. My crazy palate must have rubbed off on you during your time in utero, "Curry? No problem..." The last thing you tried and liked... fresh pomegranate. And anything I can't get in you, we juice!!!

3. Your favorite toy right now is your measuring tape. The obsession began with Daddy constructing around the house. He would help hold the tape and CRY when it was taken away. So, kudos to my mom and dad for giving you your very own *real* yellow measuring tape for your birthday. You're a regular Bob the Builder, kiddo! (And you already can sing the theme song, too!)

Other toys you love:
Tools (!)

4. We co-sleep so we have a more fluid view on bedtime routine. But your current routine is dinner, bath (usually short, you're not a water baby), snack, vitamin, reading books, brushing teeth with daddy, sing and cuddle with mommy and then sleep. You're so sweet to cuddle! And lately sleep nestled into the crook of my arm. I cherish your cuddles!

5. You love to talk to Yahweh... You are always ready to pray at mealtime (sometimes multiple times), when you have an ouchy, or when someone else or thing has an ouchy. You love singing church songs and "In the Garden" is your most requested song to sing. "Wheels on the Bus" is usually second runner up. You are a kind boy, L.! You play well with others and always share. I just know you'll be a great big brother. I love that about you!

6. You're learning lots! Just this morning you told me about Noah, the ark and the turtles. (I suppose the other animals were there as well...) Your book of the week is "Bumpity Bump!" by Pat Hutchins. Our outings to the library are always a thrill! I love to hear you count... 1..2..3..H..I.. It warms a mother's heart! But to hear you, at mere 2 years old, singing what you can recall of the ABC song while playing with your toys is a reminder that you are really a smart kid! You're observant as well, spotting the tiniest creature or detail and taking pleasure in finding new discoveries.

There are a hundred things you say throughout the day, I wish I could record. Little memories tucked away of my darling first born son I'll cherish always. Thank you for being wonderfully YOU!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

2nd Grand Opening: Adjusting

One would think it would take fewer months to adjust to being pregnant and yet here it's taken 4 months.
No we did not fall off the face of the earth, nor did we get raptured without you! Mama's just getting back into the groove of things.

So, what filled the past 19 weeks?

After vacation I parked my tushy on the couch to study. In August I took and passed my NARM exam. Praise Yahweh. Around 6 weeks pregnant all energy drained my body and I slept, er- hibernated for days on end (or at least it seemed to Stephen that it was days...)

Following the exam chaos there was approximately a week when L. sprouted 2 lower molars and thus, put us through the preverbal 'wringer' at night. For about a week and a half he would wake anywhere from 3-6 times a night. 'Kill me now' was my mantra....

Steve's folks came for a week stay over Labor Day weekend. A blessing to the mama, who has had much more nausea and vomiting than last go round. Donna was a dream in the kitchen cleaning and helping around the house. We enjoyed having Cal around to entertain L. as well! We kept trying to sell them on the wonderful southern life in hopes they'd come permanently... but I don't know that it worked.

My sister had her baby in September, which was wonderful! I was blessed to be her doula and watch her powerfully bring my niece, Anna Clara, into the world. My mom, L. and I stayed for a week helping her as best we could.

During our 10 day stay in Atlanta my darling 23 month old weaned breastfeeding. Much to my delight, as pregnancy had NOT been kind to the girls, that chapter was closed. I loved nursing L. and probably would still be if it hadn't been so painful. I completely owe it ALL to my mother who would put him down for me at nap time and night time. The last nursing we shared was nap time the day of Clara's birth.

Since then I've been feeling much better physically. I've entered into the 2nd trimester a new lady and have arrived at being excited about being pregnant. We have decided to let this baby's gender be a surprise to all as we did with L.. We are due with baby #2 mid to late March 2010.

I have reopened my Etsy shop, listed under Onnalee13, Sheared Sheep Bottoms. I began the process while Steve's mom was down. We attacked my pile of sweaters and the machines have been whirring since then. Send your cloth diapering friends my way for a wooly great deal on covers!
Pictures on specific events will be forth coming.
This concludes the 2nd grand opening of A Family Experience! Welcome back!

Sept 17th: Welcome Baby Clara!

On September 17th we welcomed our newest family member, Anna Clara! She is a darling little bundle! We wish she didn't live so far away, but were blessed with the time we were able to spend with her and her mom and dad. I will brag on both of them, they're great!

Oct. 6th: Family Fall Fun

We decided to take advantage of my frequent trips to the upstate by making this day a family day! We gathered all gear necessary for midwife appointments and apple picking, plus lots of toys for entertaining. We found ourselves at the acclaimed Nivian's Farm. Levi enjoyed running around and playing, looking at the animals, but had a look of 'I'm over this' by the time we hit the pumpkin patch. We did find one for cooking! Hello Pumpkin Pudding and Pies! Overall a great family day!

Our view from Apple picking:

Papa Bear:

Mama Bear:

and Little Bear:

Ready to go!