Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunbathing Baby and N.'s Ark

Little N. man is a tad bit jaundiced, so this afternoon mommy and daddy took turns holding him exposed in the rays coming through our bedroom window. This is the peak day for jaundice and hopefully will begin to fade tomorrow. Little bodies work hard on simple things, that's why they sleep so much!

My mom and my sisters created the worlds best gift basket... a Moses basket, to be exact. They couldn't wait until my shower, because of the usefulness right now! I love the beautiful custom linens in brown, teal and green. Our test drive was successful, but I have decided to rename our basket appropriately... it is N.'s Ark. (Also, thank you to our dear friend, for the delightful hand made teddy- he matches perfectly!)

First Encounter:

The question that haunts parents nationwide:
How do you introduce the first child to the new sibling in a way to foster love and not resentment???

We tried a few 'tricks' folks had recommended and I think it worked well enough. Along with reading lots of family/new baby books prior to N's birth, L spent more and more quality time with his daddy and we talked about the baby needing mommy a lot. We planned the initial meet and greet to include: present for baby from L, present for L from baby, first moments of visual contact with baby lying on the bed in neutral territory.

It went off without a hitch and I'd say there is minimal emotional scarring involved (just kidding!) L has been very accepting of mommy taking care of the baby, and he has be especially connected with his daddy. I have been very conscientious to give L eye contact and lots of hugs and kisses as well as keeping the standard of obedience at the same level in an attempt to head off any boundary pushing.

We are extremely blessed that N is a 'good' baby... i.e. he hardly cries at all! This is making it much easier on mom and dad. I am realizing though that my diet needs to reflect the new baby tummy preferences so that we avoid the colicky nights some experience. No more bell peppers and limited dairy! It's worth the sacrifice. He's worth the sacrifice.. if you hadn't heard, N is AWESOME!

Here you see L meeting N for the first time!

Welcome Little One:

We want to share our wonderful new addition:

Arrived March 11, 2010
Weighing in at 8lb 3oz and 21 1/8" long
He was born gently into the world at home

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bowling Belly:

Ladies Night kicked off with dinner at the local Greek restaurant... yummy. After that we headed over to the local bowling alley. Yes, at 37 weeks pregnant I bowled 2 games and didn't get into bed until 1:30am! What was I was thinking? Well, I wanted to enjoy the last whoo-rah before baby is outside of my belly and I'm chasing TWO. We had a smashing great time and although I'm a bit sore, I'm SO glad I went. Here's a peek at February ladies night for the curious: