Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunbathing Baby and N.'s Ark

Little N. man is a tad bit jaundiced, so this afternoon mommy and daddy took turns holding him exposed in the rays coming through our bedroom window. This is the peak day for jaundice and hopefully will begin to fade tomorrow. Little bodies work hard on simple things, that's why they sleep so much!

My mom and my sisters created the worlds best gift basket... a Moses basket, to be exact. They couldn't wait until my shower, because of the usefulness right now! I love the beautiful custom linens in brown, teal and green. Our test drive was successful, but I have decided to rename our basket appropriately... it is N.'s Ark. (Also, thank you to our dear friend, for the delightful hand made teddy- he matches perfectly!)

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Alice and Mother said...

I've been watching your journey from afar (all the way from Sydney, Australia) and I wanted to say I'M SO GLAD YOU HAD A HOMEBIRTH!!!!! Congratulations on your new family member, may your baby moon be full of delightful snuggly moments!