Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stuffy Noses R' Us

I almost believe L. has forgotten how to breathe through his nose.  He has gotten very adept at holding his breath to nurse.  

He doesn't have a cold. its like leftovers from a teething episode this past week. Funnily enough, no teeth have shown themselves. 

He sounds like a hibernating bear when he sleeps. A very unhappy hibernating bear. 
And all he wants is 'oud -jew', translated 'Hold you.' 

I kept him busy today, to save my sainity. We planted seeds this morning and cruised the zoo this afternoon.  Sunshine and fresh air! 

Oh, did i fail to mention the 100-102.5 temp for the past three nights?


Marci J said...

Sinus infection? Kaitlyn had one of those back in the day and it sounds similar to how she was feeling. Does he have a cough with it at all?

Head Lima Bean said...

that sounds very very familiar.
hope levi is feeling better and that you get some respite soon too! miss you!