Monday, August 27, 2007


More specifically: The final three births I was to attend IN one week. (Well, eight days.) So yes, I have had limited time to blog. Other than that... Steve is in school or working or clinicals or ride time.. and I really can't think of the last time I spent 1 hour with him awake.

We're terribly excited that Steve's parents are coming for a visit this coming weekend. We had such a great visit when they came down earlier this year, and it's a real treat to see them again so soon. And hopefully AGAIN after baby arrives.

The week before last I enjoyed a new sewing endeavor. A friend of mine gave me a simple pattern for All In One cloth diaper. I thought okay, my friend said she wasn't a seamstress but she was able to follow this pattern so certainly I'll be able to at least figure it out. Much to my glee it was a SIMPLE pattern. The first 'wimpy' diaper I constructed took about two hours, the second less-wimpy diaper took about one hour. And I think I like it! I'm thrilled that these diapers are so easy to make, though my time isn't abundant- I'm hoping to be able to keep up making them one by one until baby arrives. It's fun to pick out fabric, though the waterproofing material isn't the easiest thing to find or work with. I don't think I'll be able to rely solely on my own sewing talents for the diapering and am thrilled to have my Mother-in-law 'hooking me up' in this area. The picture below shows the better two of three that I've made thus far.


Charis & Judah's Mom said...

great job! have fun with "the in-laws!"

Head Lima Bean said...

you did a great job!!! i knew you could do it! i've got a bag of diapering supplies for you that i finally put together for whenever you'd like to get it!

Heather said...

I'm very impressed. You are quite the little homemaker and seamstress. I don't like to sew; in fact, my mom is going to make a Halloween outfit for Russell. Isn't that sad? I'm sure it wouldn't be hard, but I just have no desire to sew or even try to do it. I'll stick with cooking and baking, thank you. Anyways, I hope you have a great holiday weekend!