Wednesday, August 15, 2007

$2.38 a Gallon and a Gas Station Prophet

I was pleased at paying $2.38 for a gallon of Gas. (Now isn't that sick!) And as I was enjoying the moment of cool while paying for the gas a voice queried "Is it a boy or a girl?"

I turned around to a fellow stocking and said, "I don't know! We didn't find out." After the moment of shock passed, I followed up with, "It's been a lot of fun! Kind of exciting."

He looked at me, smiled, and declared, "I think it's a boy, from the way you look."

At that point the Indian fellow behind the counter chimed in with his mothers knowledge, "My mom says you can tell the sex by the mom's face, how she looks."

My question to her is- "But which is which?"

He shrugged and says, "I don't know!"

I laughed and waved goodbye.

I don't make it a habit to speak to strangers or random men that comment at me, but God's Word, Heb. 13:2 tells us essentially be kind to strangers, for some have unknowingly entertained angels. Perhaps today a Prophet was entertained unawares in the gas station. Perhaps baby is a boy.

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Kate's Mommy said...

That's nicer than what I was told before our daughter was born. I was asked if the baby was a girl because baby girls take the beauty out of their mother's face. I was like, "Thanks for telling me I'm not a pretty pregnant woman". (Just randomly found your blog...hope you don't mind me commenting)