Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hot Tamales!

Sigh! At temperatures reaching nicely over 100 degrees it's best to just stay inside! This does make exercise a bit tricky as our living space affords about 20 paces in one direction, and I don't think Steve would appreciate my making a path in our newly refinished floors. Yesterday evening, however it was a treat to drive out to a piece of property and walk/wonder around investigating it's potential. (It had amazingly few pine trees.)

We are toying with the idea of purchasing acreage to build on and develop with a small-ish garden and a small-ish number of animals, supplying our family with a few basic needs like eggs and milk. Not to mention pleasure in God's creation. This property was lovely, and the asking price lovely, but as always there were a few minor hitches. Note: This is by no way a declaration that we're pioneering this winter, but rather an exciting dream that may come to reality in the next few years or so. As they say 'They're not making land anymore'... (even if it is in the armpit of the south, land is land.)

We want for our family to enjoy God's creation, with animals, fresh vegetables and an appreciation for hard work. I imagine our kiddies playing in the woods using their imaginations and developing skills rather than sitting in front on the TV, also known as 'brain rot' in our home. We also feel compelled to be good stewards of this planet and our bodies. So for now, my recycling fanaticism and conservative ways of life will have to do. But to be able to have more independence from a society that is trashing our world would be glorious. Perhaps we can know in our hearts we aren't adding to the hole in the ozone or relishing in illness-causing foods and drinks. I feel sorry for those who have little conviction and spawn children who will have to pay the price for our so-called luxuries.

Now how did I get from the heat index to my soapbox about lifestyles?? Well, I guess this is an inlet to my true thoughts. Sorry if it's too much for the unsuspecting reader! But I feel, it is how we should be living to glorify God in our actions. He placed Adam and Eve in the garden to be Gardeners, we all know how that ended, but we are still to be gardeners or 'stewards' over His creation. We also praise Him for ice and air conditioners!

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