Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rediscovering Baby

As my calendar is slowely creeping closer and closer to D-Day (middle-late March) I find my mind is already planning and thinking around all things infant. I, like every other mama of 1 and a bun, am totally unprepared for the first months of adjustment, but am making meager attempts to ease the transition. Those little 0-3 month guys are so tiny and require a completely different set of tools from 2Toddler-hood.

Renovation of the decor has begun; I've been toy sorting, diaper sorting, clothes sorting and exploring other general nesting compulsions. I'd love to have the bedrooms painted, and redo the bathroom in February... but those projects seem to be getting smaller and smaller in the distance as reality sets in. It is fun however to anticipate Baby K2.

Yesterday the family took a field trip to Babies R Us. We were very blessed when L was born, and ended up registering there for a few necessities. (Also, on But being there, among the baby paraphernalia really got the wheels turning and excitement building. Yes, it will be whole 'nother world, and yes I'm totally unprepared-- but isn't life supposed to be lived? and aren't we supposed to enjoy the ride? So, I'm learning to relax into living and enjoying.

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Charis & Judah's Mom said...

we're getting excited for you!! two is a little bit of an adjustment, but since Levi is such a great kid, you'll be FINE. it's so fun seeing the kids develop a relationship.

i'm already trying to brainstorm ideas for getting down there to see K2. i'll keep you posted!

love you guys!