Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goodwill, indeed!

From time to time I head over to the Goodwill. I love hitting them up on the weekend because they have a great $1.00 rack that usually will contain a sweater or two, a cruise down the toddler isle usually results in a fun find too. On the other hand, Steve hits the books and the men's shirts and is ready to roll. For this reason I usually go alone. And then there's the fussy toddler to contend with.. but mama needs her play time too and always enjoys the stop.

Today we went with Emma and I scored on multiple levels of deal heaven. Not only did I go straight to the $1 rack of goodies finding things there but I noted (and double checked) that all the yellow tags were slashed to 50¢!!! The tally rang up at $6 and change and this is what I got...

on the 50¢ we found:
0-3 m striped baby top
2T baseball inspired 3/4- sleeve top
2T OshKosh Tractor Tee
a daddy size Blue Tee
a daddy size Brown polo shirt
a mama size pair of Maternity (over the belly) stretch jeans
(Sidenote: I've been looking for WEEKS for a pair of these and was more than thrilled to get them for 50¢)

and regularly priced:
9-12 m Gymboree Sock Monkey Sweater (to match the longies I'm going to knit!)

Today, I really felt the goodwill...

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