Friday, July 27, 2007


Usually just before falling asleep Steve and I and baby spend time together. That involves us praying for baby, using the Fetoscope (a stethoscope used to hear babies heart beat), feeling baby move inside my belly, and lately talking over names we might use.

My most memorable moment with baby and Steve was actually on my birthday, June 13th. I was sitting on the bed, applying lotion to my legs and the baby was just jumping around in there. So as usually I called to Steve to come quickly as he had been requesting. Up until this point he wasn't really sure what he was feeling move.. or if he was feeling movement. So I laid back and waited. Not just once, or even twice but THREE times in a matter of seconds baby lept to give Papa high-fives. He was thrilled and I was so happy I got misty-eyed. I called it the babies Birthday present for it's Mama!

So last night we were enjoying our few minutes together with baby and knowing that the little peanut was doing aerobics in there, I laughed. I could visibly see my abdomen bouncing where baby moved. I said to Steve, "LOOK!".... 'At what?'.... "Just wait for it!".... Then his eyes got BIG. It was so fun to watch. I commented that I thought the kid had rhythm... Of course that thrilled my husband, the musician. So he gently started 'drumming' on my belly with his index fingers. I inquired, "Are you trying to instill a sense of rhythm in our kid in utero ?"
He just smiled and kept tapping. :-)

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