Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Final Push

Life couldn't be better here at our house. Well, ok, if anyone is offering a million bucks we'd take it. We are making great strides to complete the major house projects so as to impress the baby when he/she moves in, of course. We've moved things, painted things, and are sort of arraigning things to be more baby friendly. "Of course we need a new table! The corners on this square one are too sharp for an infant who can't even roll over!!" Don't mock please.

Needless to say we're planning, and darn it all it's fun to think about!
I have started to set up a reading corner. I have collected a few second-hand-gently-used-quality-content books for the lower shelf. I'm hoping perhaps for Hanuka Steve will make it complete with a Bean-bag-chair to sit in and a round paper lantern light to hang above. I think that would make a WONDERFUL reading corner. And yes I hope that my reading to our infant will enable him/her to learn to read at a young age and enjoy his/her imagination through books. Perhaps one day s/he'll follow in Papa's family footsteps and love literature so much s/he'll want to be an editor- like his Auntie Cori, author- like his great-aunt Connie or a teacher- like his Grandma Donna. Books are GOOD!

And I just realized that all the s/he and him/her is getting laborious so from hence forth baby will be called simply 'baby'.

So, for now baby and I must do a little homework and start dinner before Papa comes home. It's so easy now with baby on the INside, (sigh) I should enjoy these days; they are numbered!


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cakldouglas said...

Hi! Congrats on everything. You will love having a baby. It looks we are both due in october. When is your due date? I tried you on myspace but it looks like you aren't on there much. You can reach me at my email though.
Alisha (riley) douglas