Sunday, July 22, 2007

My, Oh My,Time Flies!

Another week toward the arrival of Baby #1 is almost at an end. Rapidly approaching 29 wga! It amazes me at how quickly this pregnancy has progressed. I have loved being pregnant and anticipating this addition. Tonight was the last session in the Bradley Birthing Class Steve and I took. We learned relaxation skills (that I would like to attempt for labor), more about the timing and progression of childbirth and lots of great tid-bits about co-sleeping, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, etc. Our teacher is a wonderful gentle spirit who encouraged us and empowered us adding to our basic knowledge of childbirthing.

New developments: Steve and I are thinking about what to name this child. Of course we'll need a few options for both sexes. But we're really at a loss. Some say that they have to look at the child to know what his/her name is, but I'm not so sure in my spontaneity and creativity after pushing him/her out!!! I don't think that the name we choose will be a big secret, but frankly, if you don't like our choice don't tell us! Smile and lie! :-)

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