Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Toys:

I was totally geeked about finding this bad boy at the goodwill. I paid pennies compared to the original price. L. calls it his tent. It is a pop up play tent, second hand, but in relatively good shape. It stands about 4 ft tall and can collapse to the size of a frizbee.. (just wish i could figure out how to collapse it...) We figure it'll be a nice place to hide, take naps, read, imagine and more. Hours of fun!

I'm quite opposed to piles of plastic toys littering the house, but who can say no to Mr. Potato Head? We found this set at a yard sale a while ago and Steve just had to get a bag full of potato and their parts. I caved. But turns out it's quite useful to entertain a 19 month old boy!

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