Friday, June 26, 2009

Potty Learning Trial Day 1

To all the mothers that have successfully "potty learned" their wee ones, my hat is off to you. I have the balance in mind that my son is 19 months old, and sometimes it takes a while. BUT he's been relatively quick to pick other monumentous things up.. like walking and talking. So, why not using a potty?

L says pee and poop, and knows what a potty is, and how to sit on it. I think we're just waiting for the urge-association. And the control to hold it inside his body til he's sitting down.
My friend, Miriam told me about some PLing theory and I tried to apply a few things this afternoon.
1. Don't ask if they need to go, tell them when they need to they go in the potty. There is a difference in attitude and a shift of responsibility.
2. Their mess is their responsibility, in a non-abusive way. So, if there is an accident, there are wipes to clean with. Just like toys belong in the toy basket #1 and #2 belong in the potty.

The penicle of this afternoon's go round was most definitely when L. went #2 on the potty. I mean ON the potty. He was standing on the (closed) lid and went #2. I decided a picture was too gross; you're welcome. But none the less, 3 floor pee's and wipes up and one poopy dumped into the big toilet made a very busy afternoon for mommy. Needless to say, I'm tired of changing diapers. Cloth or otherwise. So say a little prayer for me, I suppose we'll give it another go tomorrow.

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