Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend in the Deep South

Georgia is our neighbor here in South Carolina. I remember lots of weekends in Savanah when my Sister lived there, prior to moving to Atlanta. Though I miss the care-free feeling I had when near the beach in Savanah, Atlanta is a new playground! 

We drove down Thursday night, to "just get there" (roadtrips with toddlers=not fun). Friday morning came and we hit the road again. We drove down through Buckhead and Midtown to Downtown Atlanta where car sightseeing began. (We had a strict budget!!) We saw the coke museum, the aquarium, then drove around the Olympic Centinnial Park,  and then winded our way via GPS to the Atlanta Zoo! 

Steve pointing out a creepy crawly in the Reptile House.

L. loved the Peek-a-boo effect of sticking his head through the hole.. 
then he laughed with glee when the next child appeared as a panda bear! 

L. was not boared at all petting the animals! 

Here is his first encounter with a Nigerian Dwarf Goat! 
(Sidenote: one of you lucky ladies out there will be joining our faimly soon!!! 
I was especially excited to see this breed here as we're hoping to fence an area in to have a goat for milking!

Sweet Treats after lunch. B1G1 at Bastin Robbins- can't beat it with a stick, even if you have to drive 10 miles to get there... We're on vacation! 

Getting down to business at the yard sale Saturday A.M.

L.i played in a box. 

We had a GEAT time at Auntie's house!

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