Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I really don't know how to describe the bliss of completeing yet another simple but on hold project! I mean, only a few months ago L. would throw a fit if I sat down to sew.. and now.. it is like he's another child! At any rate, I'm not going to argue! (hear the hum of my machine in the background...)

To some, aprons may be a simpleton reminder of pre-women's lib era, totally passe' and pointless. BUT I would like to point out that they are totally functional and totally trendy, and a breeze to make! Here is my new little half apron. She was repurposed from a Sz 3x skirt I picked up at the goodwill.

Here, in all it's colorfun glory...

Taking it's place, upstaging the ole' apron!

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