Monday, June 22, 2009

Steve's Chicken Shack:

Over the past few weeks we've planned and executed our latest building venture! We're very proud to say that it was mostly recycled and in the end cost us very little! Steve slaved away in the hot sun (and partial cloud coverage, and shade..) I helped little bits as I could, mostly preping the recycled lumber (ie pulling old nails out... whoo-hoo). And L. helped Steve measure the wood and measure everything else within sight.

It's a simple 4x8 rectangle with two windows and 1 door. My mom and dad come to help frame it and slap the roof on. Steve finished up with the walls and door. There's even a cute little chicken door. It's not complete but shouldn't take much more effort. I want to paint it green and we still need to fashion a door for the chicken exit and raise the fence for the run area. I'm also excited about finding the future pet/chickens. I have been keeping tabs on the local free ads and also craigslist. I suppose if I am not too late, I might order them from Murry McMurry Hatchery!

Here are some pictures of our process!


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