Thursday, November 29, 2007

Harvest Family Visit

My hubby's entire family came for a visit this Harvest. We were so excite to all be together as it has been a long time since we were able to connect.

Here Grandma and Grandpa greet L. for the first time!

Here Daddy is opening his birthday present from his sister et al, a WONDERFUL handcrafted baby bag filled to the brim with goodies for little L.

Cousin J. especially loved L. He would often point at him and say 'bebe?' or more certainly 'bebe!' He's such a little boy!

We tried to keep the kids entertained by spending time outside each day. Here Uncle S. and Cousin C are enjoying the Harbison State Forest outing. Fresh air is great!

What a special time together! We are sad that we are not able to see our family more often. It's always a hoot when we get together. The Harvest Meal was WONDERFUL, kudos to C. and D. for the turkey and fixins!

Lastly, The little man himself... though he didn't enjoy the food, didn't partake in the conversation or laugh at any jokes he was there and the life of the party.
One more 'First' to add to the list.

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