Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not too shabby...

This weekend is a first for L.... We will be going with Daddy to Charleston for his Reserve weekend. We're staying at the Wingate... not too shabby for a first vacation. We shall see how he does. His luggage is not very extensive.. lots of changes of clothes, lots of disposable diapers (I doubt there is a laundry service available for the cloth diapers), his 'inclined to sleep bed', and the all important baby wrap carrier. I think it will be a great success. I hope that he doesn't see fit to be unhappy on the 2 hour drive down or at night for the sake of our sanity and for the neighboring guests at the hotel. He's been a happy baby lately. I'm hoping to go visit my sister, Sunday morning. It will be great to see her. There may be some other weekend highlites that are unforeseen... perhaps a coffee break? or perhaps a stroll around the battery? Who knows?? We will have fun though and report back here to fill you in. And hopefully we'll have some pictures to share.

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