Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Could it be??

WWWWWWWell, THE day is almost here. At my prenatal today my midwife checked me by request and performed a 'sweep' of my membranes. We're ready for labor to start! I'll try to document any changes or major events as they happen. But for those with little to no tolerance level, I'll leave all the icky details out. :-)

I truly would love to introduce you to our little darling very soon!


Head Lima Bean said...

i'm officially a blog stalker of yours (but i know you so i'm not sure if that counts!) but i'm super excited for y'all and can't wait to hear more good news. have fun with it! you'll be awesome!

Kate's Mommy said...

I'm finding myself diligently checking this site multiple times a day, just waiting for that little one of yours. I'm excited to share in your joy, even if from all the way here in the Harbison area! Hope all goes smoothly.

Onna said...

Kate's mommy- Thank you for your joy and prayers! I'm still pregnant as of this morning. Sigh.. but signs abound, if you know what I mean. It's gonna be soon!
We'll have to get together for a play date/walk since you're still local!