Sunday, October 14, 2007

Is all fair in Love and Birth??

If mommy wants to augment the contractions she's having, is it a crime???
I think not.
Not at least, when she's past her due date.


Kate's Mommy said...

Still eagerly awaiting your little one, I see. Well, here's hoping s/he decides to grace us with his/her wonderful presence and SOON!!! :-) (I remember the waiting was torture. I was actually glad to be induced cause I knew when Kaitlyn was FINALLY going to show up!)

Donna said...

This baby will be right on time. It's only an ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE, emphasis on estimated. I'm sorry I can't relate (well, no I'm not really sorry, I guess) since both Cori and Stephen were early, but I sympathize with you. Once s/he is is here, though, it will all have seemed to fly by. It only seems like you've been pregnant forever right now. Keep your chin up. God knows what the right time is for this new little one to show his/her face. You'll be all set! Love you. Cal and I are praying daily for all three of you, and Dara, who is sure to feel a little displaced at first.